Sunday 25 December 2011

PB063 | VA - Merry Chipmas 2011

Happy holidays to everyone! Whether you celebrate Christmas, another holiday or even if you don't celebrate anything at all, we here at Pxl-Bot wish you all the best!

So you've been good all year and as a result you have found your way onto the nice list, as a reward we have stuffed your stockings with this here album just for you. Brought together by 2xAA, the newest member of the team, and featuring tracks by many talented members of the 8bc community. This whopping 35 tracked album is sure to bring a smile to your face at this festive time of the year! So what are you waiting for get it now!

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Saturday 24 December 2011

PB062 | Kommisar - Kommisar's Fakebit Metal World Tour

Roll up, roll up, Kommisar's Fakebit Metal World Tour has come to town! Sweeping across nations in a wave of destruction and super sized explosions, embrace it or be left behind buried beneath the trail of rubble!

Starting with the ear shatteringly good 'CYBORG BEAR ASSAULT 6' it catches you with its driving percussion and strong bass before applying the synthetic lead guitar on top, warming you up for the rest of the EP. 'Hybrid Brute' hitting you hard with its double stroke kick drums, 'Serendipitous Paraplegic Murder' with its driving bass and screaming lead and 'steel bomber' with its ability to make you feel as if there are a large number of projectiles raining doom down on you from above.

Monday 5 December 2011

PB061 | Datamancer - Geosmin

You may of heard him on the singles competition compilation album a couple of months ago, but now Datamancer is back with his very own EP.

The first thing that comes to mind after hearing this three track EP is short, but very very sweet. Datamancer has crafted 3 excellent tracks. Starting with Quixotic, you are welcomed with a sweet melody, beckoning you in. The catchy drums keep you held in its grips right the way through as the melody weaves its way along, twisting and turning as it goes. The next track is Lit Up, starting off with a catchy drum beat it then drops with an awesome dubstep bass, which is followed by something to get up and move to. The final track is 11-11-11 this wastes no time in making you want to move to the beat with its 'four on the floor' drum beat and catchy bass and melody, while still brining in ambience which rounds the track off nicely. This needs to be listened to!

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Tuesday 29 November 2011

PB060 | Whitely - YOU & I

Another Pxl-Bot debut, this time from the extremely talented Whitely. Crafted in the fires of Mount Doom this EP draws upon different genres of electronic music to show and tell its story.

Starting with the beautifully melodic 'At first i was lonely, but then..' it draws you into this story that is being told and holds you tight. Each track is full of emotion, the songs seem to reach inside you, communicating at a personal level. Half way through you reach "I started to care to much, but it was still..' drawn in my at atmospheric start, building up, you know somethings coming, then it drops, and suddenly something you thought couldn't get better, got better. Finally 'The end.' rounds it all off beautifully brining all the emotions of the story to its climax and leaving the listener thoroughly satisfied with the tale that has just unfolded before their eyes.

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Tuesday 22 November 2011

PB059 | Deepearth.void - Become The Void

Making his Pxl-Bot debut and showcasing his first full release for some time, the fantastical ‘Deepearth.void’ brings you 10 tunes of funk and complex dance to put a smile on your face.
After the drone-infused short intro, the track ‘Coconut’ sets up the listener for what is to come in the rest of the release. Sharp and concise structure which swaps and switches between styles and atmospheres, complex melodies, countermelodies and basslines that warp around each other to form a think consistency, and a fuck ton of funk and dance. Some of the melodies are truly awe-inspiring, and from the off you’ll be addicted like this shit’s smack.

Monday 14 November 2011

PB058 | AlexOgre - Surfing Mind

AlexOgre's debut album here on Pxl-Bot is nothing short but brilliant and we are very pleased to be releasing it.

Starting off with Foam, a track which manages to conjure up memories and thoughts of sunny days walking along sandy beaches, the waves lapping at your toes and gulls flying overhead. It introduces you to the rest of the album almost gently before the floor filling, fist pumping, dance hits you and there is nothing you can do to help yourself from moving along with the beat. Finally as if yo give you a rest from dancing, the final track farewell is more chilled, it eases you out while still upholding a awesomely high level of quality. This is definitely worth a listen!

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Thursday 10 November 2011

PB057 | AndaruGO & HunterQuinn - Echo Layer

And now they join forces.

Entering the fray with a fist-pumping throat-ripping and eye-popping duet as an intro track, the dual forced fist of both AndaruGO and HunterQuinn is truly great. Traversing the softer tones of Hunter and mixing them with the harsher barks of AndaruGO before converging their love for sweat-inducing beats, the two duet tracks showcase a higher understanding of dynamics and the harmonious attention to each other’s’ details inspires awe.
Saying that, the four tracks, two by just AndaruGO and another two by just HunterQuinn, are nothing to turn your nose up at. 

PB056 | HunterQuinn - Bourbon Back Attack

The second artist to grace Pxl-Bot from Cincinnati this week, HunterQuinn breaks his debut through your earscape.

Pumping. HunterQuinn’s debut ‘Bourbon Back Attack’ can be defined almost entirely by this word. Never sitting still for a second, HQ spins and twists his beats and melodies which are melded perfectly for the dancefloor, with that typical Cincinnati chic gloss of experimentation (see ‘J33Z FACTOR3’ intro for more details). From the fist-flinging intro to the ass-shaking cascade of ‘Fucking Dance’ and through the slower tension-rife guttural whippings of ‘Buttaface Bergade’, HunterQuinn has managed to craft one of the most danceable and pure addictive releases to date at Pxl-Bot, with a huge amount of professionalism to boot.

Monday 7 November 2011

PB055 | AndaruGO - Megadoomer

Taking the place of the third artist from the expanding Cincinnati scene to be featured on Pxl-Bot, AndaruGO delves into the world of trance and dirt for his debut release, ‘Megadoomer’.

Starting the with title track, a dirty and gritty convulsion, AndaruGo then goes on to start as he’ll continue throughout the rest of the release on ‘Hokutou’, fist-pumping grime-inducing trance-esque chip sonnets. Featuring as many truly jaw-dropping moments as you can possibly fit into six tracks, from the pure trance breakdown into the schizophrenic melodies on the climax of ‘Shark War’ to the slow downed swagger moments of ‘Zawarudo’, this release showcases the exact reasons why the developing chiptune scene in Cincinnati is such an exciting one; it creates dance-floorable tunes with a mission statement of “defy the conventions”.

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Friday 4 November 2011

PB054 | Fauxhound - He Lives Forever

New Zealand’s answer to 10k, Fauxhound, delivers his stunningly bleak spit of a sophomore effort on Pxl-Bot in the form of ‘He Lives Forever’.

Opening with the sickly depressing tone to which the rest of the release would follow, Fauxhound’s masterful blending of spoken rhythm and meaningful words intertwined with glitchy and rolling drums and melodies creates an incredibly dark and gritty listen. Song ‘love + secrets’ lends a groove to parts of the vocal work before towering up into a cascade of chip sounds, whilst ‘door to door’ pulls its own teeth out before Fauxhound’s incredibly punk-esque dragging voice adds to the insanity. ‘diesleep’ carries a creepy and sleepy tone until Fauxhound begins to spit his depressed pessimisms, before the final track barks widely with a slightly more optimistic but no less creepy feel.

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Monday 31 October 2011

PB053 | VCMG - Focal Point

And for the second release of Halloween we visit the other side of the spectrum, first brutality and now beauty brought to us by another returning favourite, VCMG!

After his astonishingly beautiful debut, VCMG returns having learnt how to make his music even prettier. From the closing melodic scales and harmonies to the releases’ opening, ‘Introduction’, through the creeping and bittersweet melodies and drum-work of ‘Waking Up In The Perseids’, VCMG keeps constantly catchy and gorgeous with his melodic work. Song structure-wise, the songs constantly shift under their own weight, with something bright and beautiful around every corner. The main difference between this release and his debut on Pxl-Bot is the cohesiveness of ‘Focal Point’. Sounding less like a compilation, all the songs intertwine beautifully to form one conjoined soundtrack to the disappearing summer; bittersweet and reflective.

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PB052 | Optimus Chad - Robotic Wasteland II: A Story Of Chaos And Rhythm

Optimus Chad is back, and even dirtier than ever. Pxl-Bot proudly bring you your dose of the brutal to aid your festivities. Happy Halloween!

Starting with a healthy portion of sampling and noise, all hell is shortly unleashed within the second track, ‘Feedback Warrior’, a rolling exercise in tension/release with some truly crushing sounds holding the dirt together. ‘Optimus Chad’ has really come immeasurably far since his hard hitting debut; he now hits twice as hard, twice as gritty whilst dousing subtle groove and even more aggression over his work, meanwhile experimenting left right and through the centre’s face with his melodies and drum work.

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Thursday 27 October 2011

PB051 | Cooshinator - Self-Titled

Pxl-Bot are proud to present another debut release, this time from the new and shockingly inventive talent that is Cooshinator.

Despite having only begun composition in February of this year, Cooshinator deals a hand of surprisingly strong and memorable tracks, with an almost progressive attention to song structure. Delving in the deep end with the bittersweet spits of ‘Hypocrite’, with its many twists and atmospheric turns, the self-titled EP sets itself up from an early stage to be an unforgettable ride. Featuring a wide range of styles and sounds, from the progressive minimalism of ‘Bohrs Model’ and ‘Tangent’ to the more straight-forward house offerings of ‘Motion’, all songs are then doused with some trance sensibilities to complement their epic nature.

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Tuesday 25 October 2011

PB050 | Ville Wannabe - Vox Stimuli

Pxl-Bot celebrate their 50th release with a returning appearance from one of the very first artists who ever graced the Pxl-Bot roster, Ville Wannabe.

The experimental sample-based style explored in his previous EP, ‘Future’ still holds a great amount of influence as seen from the opening number, ‘Inhale’, a vocal sample with guitar overdub. However, the new, heavily dance and the gorgeously soft sounds that dominate this release show themselves from the very start of ‘Vox Stimuli’. Ville weaves his melodies with a fragile and beautiful touch, dousing the cascading chords with a playful atmosphere with heaps of character intersected with more up-tempo, sometimes guitar driven, moments throughout to add some variety to the mix.

Monday 17 October 2011

PB049 | Pxl-Bot Singles Competition Runners-Up Compilation

Because it would be just too cruel to not present to you some of the other fine entries to the first Pxl-Bot Singles Competition, we've rounded up the best and most choice cuts from out entries and presented them in a free downloadable/steamable format. Hope you enjoy!

On a side note, the tracks are arranged not by any mark system or anything, but in an order that makes them flow into an easily listenable and cohesive compilation. Well we tried our hardest, but it was difficult with such a wide range of styles and shi', so give us some slack.

Just another thanks to all those who entered, and well done again both to Analog and also the twelve artists featured here!! See you again next time!

Thursday 13 October 2011

PB048 | Analog - La Maquinita / Luces De La Ciudad

Having to choose a winner for the Pxl-Bot Singles Competition would have been FAR more difficult if it hadn’t been for this entry.

Bringing his fist-pumping, glitch stomping and in your face aggressive house crunches, Analog stormed the castle with his memorable and almost house-pop –esque A-side followed by his epic and twisting nearly 7 minute B-side. The crunchy melodies and beats are guaranteed to have your ass moving, and the constant shift in syncopation and driving beat will have you on your dancing toes throughout. Fused together with a definite nod towards a dance floor orientated formation, this singles’ full throttle attitude and throat-ripping aggression is bound to have you moving. All hands for the winner of the first Pxl-Bot Singles Competition, Analog.

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Friday 7 October 2011


NAMELESS, a never before heard musician uploaded a song called DEBUT to 8bitcollective recently. The textures were so rich, so full. One could quite obviously see the potential. Pxl-Bot contacted him and asked for an album to see where it would go.

And oh boy, did it go. This 4 track album is a bone-jarring rip-roar of a musical adventure, taking you through sharp rhythms and rough-as-all-heck synths. Throughout the whole time you listen to this album, your mind gets ripped in half and put back together numerous times as you try to comprehend how dirty this kid can make LSDJ sound.

You should totally download this album and get punched in the face with each of the free mp3s. It's worth it!

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Monday 3 October 2011

PB046 | Roboctopus - The Landscape Has Been Erased

This fantastic release by Roboctopus has been brought to you by the newest member of the Pxl-Bot team, Frostbyte. So we will leave it to him to tell you all about this simply astonishing release, here is what he had to say:

Soft and gentle... intriguing and building, Swelling, massive and thick. These were all the words and phrases that came to my mind as my latest unreleased Roboctopus CD stared to spin in my stereo. Then the kick dropped in, and everything seemed to fall into place in what would become a wonderfully executed album. The snare came after, reassuring me about my previous assumptions. It was as if Roboctopus were right here with me, patting himself ont he back, looking at his music flow past, proud as ever.

Friday 30 September 2011

PB045 | Mega Flare - The Time For Games Is Over

Following two Ep releases here on Pxl-Bot, we’re extremely proud to bring to you Mega Flare’s debut full-length album.

Mega Flare constructs his usual melodic hooks here with extreme care to assure an almost ethereal experience when listening to this fantastic release. Each and every song here contains a very viable reason why it should be locked into your cortex for months to come. The songs don’t necessarily sound the same, but lock tightly together into the now trademark sound of Mega Flare, which in essence is a beautiful mixture of melody and countermelody straight from the catalogues of the bittersweet.

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Tuesday 27 September 2011

PB044 | spOOked - GangBang

Bringing you the second artist hailing from Cincinatti, Pxl-Bot proudly present the debut album from “spOOked”.

Featuring beautiful and warm synth sounds with a multitude of chiptune influences and nods to other areas of electronic music, this twelve track album forms an unbelievably high quality series of melodic and memorable tracks with varying percussion effects and styles which form a varied but highly coheisive release rooted in part in the signinficantly different style which these songs hold within.

Easy to listen to and a gorgeous release in its own right, this is one that almost everyone will be able to enjoy through its playful styles and two very cheesy but very guilty-pleasures cover tracks. A must-download.

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Friday 23 September 2011

PB043 | Spaceman Fantastiques - I Hope The Stars Can Hear This... [Re-Release]

Pxl-Bot are extremely proud to present the re-release of Spaceman Fantastiques epic space-based adventure, with a glossed re-working of some tracks, that is “I Hope The Stars Can Hear This…”, accompanied by 21 B-sides in the form of the companion piece “Does Not Compute”.

From beginning to end a huge variation of moods and atmospheres cascade from this release, with melodies drum shifts and an abundance of ethereal atmospheres, Spaceman Fantastiques crafts a truly unforgettable journey. Out of the 20+ tracks, from the very first listen it’s easy to both tell them all apart and remember their stark differences, a feat that really showcases this artist’s compositional skill.

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Monday 19 September 2011

PB042 | Freque - Girl With Butterfly

A joint release on epic proportions, and Pxl-Bot join forces to deal you one heck of a release from founder, Freque.

Coated in beautiful melodies and addictive musical constructions, Freque spews out one hell of release on his debut solo effort, “Girl with Butterfly”. From the instance of the twisting and epic “U Had Me @ ASL”’s beginning, Freque lays his dance-coated hooks straight in underneath your skin where they intend to stay, right until the fist-pumping closer “Grzly Cntry” destroys your speakers with its heavy bass and gorgeous melodies.

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Wednesday 14 September 2011

PB041 | Andrew Kilpatrick - Two Days After...

Andrew: The spiritual predecessor to my previous release "One Day Later...", so expect more tacky melodic based brief encounters straight from the Famitracker. Written as a side project to keep my brain ticking over whilst writing my 'real', rather large and meticulous project. However, the song here were still written and eclectically selected with a great amount of care, just take them with you tongue firmly within your cheek!!

Enjoy xox

Tuesday 13 September 2011

PB040 | Frostbyte - My Apologies

Bringing you a dance-fuelled attention sparking release in form of second EP from the newest member to the Pxl-Bot Team, Frostbyte deals you his hand in the form of “My Aplogies”.

Having come in bounds from the first release, Frostbyte lays down a collection of danceable and funky LSDJ hits with enough hooks to catch a school with one fell swoop. Melodically inclined and beautifully happy, with elements of glitch and touches space and the east in the sprawling melodies which wrap themselves effortlessly around the pumping and highly varied drums coupled with elements from dub and drum n bass which find their way effortlessly into the house-minded set of tracks put forward here, creating a release of unsurprising depth and range.

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Wednesday 7 September 2011

PB039 | VA - Pxl-Bot Presents [Vol 1]

After months of planning, the debut “Pxl-Bot Presents” compilation is now live!!! Bringing you the very best and most popular of the Pxl-Bot artist roster combined with some team member submissions and a track from upcoming Pxl-Bot artist “Fauxhound”, this compilation has cut no corners. Ordered for the most cohesive of listens, the Pxl-Bot artists have out-done themselves in terms of the vast range here, featuring fist-pumping dance, gritty spoken word, crunchy hard beats, ambience, LSDJ trips and everything in between. We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed putting it together and think it is worth a small donation to help move Pxl-Bot and its hosting to more permanent waters!!Grab The Album Now!

Friday 2 September 2011

PB038 | Quantum Wave - Cavum Civitas

Space is a common theme for chip musicians, and a difficult one to perfect. Showing you how it’s done, Pxl-Bot proudly present to you, Quantum Wave.

Sounding similar to a voyage through space in a hyper-happy hot air balloon, Quantum Wave’s Pxl-Bot debut hits the memory glands hard with its infectious mixture of high octane melodies, pumping rhythm sections and easily digestible and wholesomely addictive song structures which form a never-ending twisting and writing fast paced release packed to the rafters with unforgettable moments.

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Monday 29 August 2011

PB037 | Optimus Chad - Robotic Wasteland

Dirty, caked in grime and sounding not dissimilar to a mouthful of gravel, Pxl-Bot get their chipthrash on with new talent Optimus Chad.

Full of various samples and deafening noise smashes, “Robotic Wasteland” lands a precise and very loud blow to your brain leading to indefinite dizziness. Crafted using LSDJ and a shiton of anger, Optimus Chad blasts out noise-fuelled song after song, breaking down all forms of acceptable composition techniques in favour of head-butting you right in your face. Songs like “June 1st” and “Kup Is Shaking It!” really highlights the hugely intense and schizophrenic atmosphere of this jaw-dropping release, which is rounded off nicely with a gorgeously disgusting remix of a Wizwars tune followed by noisy drone outro. Definitely not for the faint hearted, but a fantastic addition to the Pxl-Bot catalogue and the chipthrash genre none the less. Optimus Chad is certainly one to watch…

Sunday 28 August 2011

PB036 | DYLANBROCHILL - Waterwing Warrior

Dylan himself wanted to introduce his latest piece of work so we will leave it to him to tell you about his newest masterpiece.

Dylan: "Hey bros!
This is a collection of all the best songs I've written from my first LSDJ until the day of this release. I aimed to blend as much of everything from uplifting melodies to hard/crunchy/bass-heavy drops to evoke all the emotions I've felt since I've been
able to write on such a magnificent machine. I don't consider myself a master of LSDJ in the slightest, but I'm proud of how far I've gone with this and chipmusic in general, much further than I'd anticipated when I started out.
Party hard fellas!
Dylan MacKinnon"

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Thursday 25 August 2011

PB035 | Chickenandrofls - ASDF

Sounding like a Castlevania soundtrack throughout, this heavily gothic inspired and melodically driven release comes from chiptune newbie “Chickenandrofls”.

Whilst the execution may be amateurish, it only helps to heighten the effectiveness of the outstanding melodies at play here. From the off, melodies and counter-melodies dance in unison like a twin-headed snake, until one the final assaults, “My Asthma”, takes the idea to a new level with some flooringly-good melodic banter. Reeking of a dark atmosphere this eclectic choice still manages to maintain a high level of charm, making ASDF a sign of greater things to come. Rounded off with a remix by one of the Pxl-Bot’s owners, this release features a large variety of must-listen-to-tracks from a new and rather criminally unknown acts.

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Monday 22 August 2011

PB034 | The MM Project - Per Aspera Ad Astra

Dragging influences from all the far reaches of electronic music, The MM Project makes his Pxl-Bot debut with this intensely brilliant release.

Expertly composed and brilliantly realised, these eight tracks make one of the most well-rounded and professional sounding releases ever stamped with the Pxl-Bot marking, from sample-led dread in “Machina”’s beginning to the beautiful soft danceable sounds in “Good Dispositions Expected” and out through ambient and spacey atmospheres in “Spays Dreemz”. With his first release in over three years, The MM Project really does return with a huge bang; memorable melodies, intelligent structures and a blast of pure variety whilst still ending up with a cohesive release, “Per Aspera Ad Astra” is sure to be one of those releases that gets far more than a single listen, and with an epic an ending as "Tin Can", you can't really be blamed.

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Thursday 18 August 2011

PB033 | Mega Flare - Round Two

Back with his second EP, Mega Flare returns to Pxl-Bot with his relentlessly beautiful sound for “Round Two”.

Instead of playing it safe with an exact repetition of the same style, Mega Flare opts to broaden his compositions and song structures, adding in samples, an abundance of new influences and coarse and melancholy atmosphere whilst keeping his trademark melodic styling. With a definite feel for epic constructions, the songs all slowly snowball to a danceable end before with their slow plodding sense of direction, and far more melodies are utilised in each song than in the first Round.

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Monday 15 August 2011

PB032 | Mystic Hero - Mythology

Back from our short summer break, Pxl-Bot return with a titanic release from the legendary Mystic Hero.

Epic and so very well thought out, “Mythology” slowly wraps itself around you with a masterful use and combination of dynamics and melody. Covering a large range from soft peaceful pieces to crunchy industrial tinged menace and through acid tinged bass driven heaven, this release really does sound like a journey. As large as its name suggests, and as focused of a release as Mystic Hero has ever had, “Mythology” showcases everything that is good about Mystic Hero’s past work but with so much more, and with an added sub-zero atmosphere. It’d be too easy to make a pun involving the name, so just make your own, whatever you come up with won’t be untrue of this release.

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Thursday 4 August 2011

PB031 | Beverage - Self Acceptance Is One Textbook Case Of Stockholm Syndrome Away

Sharing his Lazerscale voyage with us in the form of this 34 track compilation of endeavours, Beverage delivers a release of such experimental, emotional and psychological vastness that it’s almost overwhelming.

Ordered chronologically, this set of choice cuts, put together by the Pxl-Bot team and Beverage himself, forms an outline for the emotional and musical journey that Beverage and a small group of willing artists undertook. Ranging from beautiful drone, video-game-esque melodically wrought pieces, fist pumpers, glitchy head-cavers and some straight up insanity, this vast release features as many mind-boggling moments as ones of pure wonder.

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Monday 1 August 2011

PB030 | Infirm Individual - I'm Not From Here

Varied, memorable and truly unforgettable, we here at Pxl-Bot are incredibly excited to be bringing you this release.

Having etched a name himself for writing insane psychedelic chiptune with enough outside influences to sink a boat, Infirm Individual stays true to his reputation in what may be his most varied and complete-sounding release to date. Starting off with a duo of spacey atmosphere regulating ambient tinged and vocally soft tracks, the lull is quickly disrupted with the epic and sprawling “Exorcism Of Ghouls & Ghosts” which jumps between outright insanity, back to ambience and then schizophrenically through high tempo fist-pumpable melodies and drum cascades.

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Saturday 30 July 2011

PB029 | FuturNari - Another Unlikely Hero II

The second of our birthday-based joy-spreading releases is this time coming from the talents of the brilliant FuturNari.

Beautifully crafted songs with melodies as equally captivating, FuturNari delivers another slice of genuine chiptune gold through his sequel to the previously mind-altering-ly good release ‘Another Unlikely Hero’. Having come a huge amount of distance in terms of compositional skill since then, this time round FuturNari delivers a focused sucker punch in the form of five meticulously pieced together works.

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Thursday 28 July 2011

PB028 | VCMG - SemiPicturesque

Dripping with variety, VCMG’s newest offering to the chiptune world shouts “range” throughout its duration.

Differing from salty drum-strengthened waltzes to arps and scale explosive hyper-dance, VCMG can be seen here clearly demonstrating a huge amount of different styles and composition methods. Creeping house music and pumping melancholy anthems tossed in also really secures this release as a pure and simple showcase of why VCMG deserves the attention of the chiptune scene. Individually mastering all of the styles he tackles, this release focuses on creativity and the expansion of style over ‘playing it safe’, and the results speak for themselves through the intricate melodies and ample differences in atmosphere.

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Monday 25 July 2011

PB027 | Analog - Violeta

Without the need for an introduction, we here at Pxl-Bot proudly present, Analog.

Moving away from dirty dance punches and experimental guitar and drum layered insanity; here Analog showcases another incredibly talented take on a completely different style. Ambient soundscapes coupled with a chiptune layer of sound form some of the most beautiful music that’s ever been created, and quite frankly, the best ambient-based chiptune that has ever been released. Pleasing to the ear on all accounts, Analog manages to keep you entranced in a wave of ever-changing sounds and enough atmosphere to make you feel dizzy.

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PB026 | The Hamlet - The Forge

Short but so incredibly sweet, Pxl-Bot are incredibly happy to bring you the debut release from The Hamlet.

Melodically driven with an extensive use of harmonics to tame the listener, The Hamlet creates structurally simple yet very powerful songs, opting for a focus on melody to draw the listener in. As if telling a story, the tracks on this release run together to form an inner monologue of a narrative, inflaming the imagination and creating landscapes through the expert use of differing instrumentation. The choosing of specific timbre has been dealt with down to a tee, making each track stand out though both atmosphere and expression, causing this to be one hell of an impressive debut EP and one which we are incredibly proud to have unearthed for you.

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Friday 22 July 2011

The Singles Competition

We here at Pxl-Bot are very pleased to announce our brand new competition. We are giving you a chance to win an exclusive, not yet available to the public, Pxl-Bot T-shirt, have your winning entry featured right here on the site and maybe a few other goodies.

All you have to do to enter is create a single, consisting of an A and B side and send it in to us. We will then pick the best entry and distribute awe, love and most importantly the prize accordingly.

For full rules and how to enter hit up the link below.

Enter Now!

Good Luck!

PB025 | Starpilot - You May Now Enter

The third in our Canadian Neapolitan, Pxl-Bot are extremely excited to bring you the nothing short of brilliant, Starpilot.

With far more influences then it is possible to name in a short post, Starpilot once again manages to establish himself as a master of genre and composition, manipulating new ideas and formulas into his sound and songs to create another masterpiece of psychedelic chiptune. With hardworking being an understatement, this up-and-coming juggernaut divulges another 14 tracks of pure genius underlined with a further two just as essential bonus tracks. Leaving you quite literally spoilt for choice.

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PB024 | DJ Eastern Blok - Ninjas Are Everywhere EP

Bringing you our second Canadian in a row, Pxl-Bot proudly present to you, DJ Eastern Blok.

Catchy and danceable tunes as the dish of the day here, DJ Eastern Blok manipulates his bass and drums to form a groove-minded coalition to serve as the back ground for his expertly manufactured melodies which jump between assonance and dissonance with an incredible ease to keep you off guard. Body pumping is the best way to describe this cohesively strong release, which whilst following a very similar style throughout, still finds time to digress from its own mould to make use of samples or more downright creepy atmospheres (see “Zombies Value Brains Over Beauty”). Ladle all of this with a healthy dose of trance influence and you have a winning release, and one we are truly proud to bring to our label.

Monday 18 July 2011

PB023 | Battle Lava - Screen Hallucinations

Pxl-Bot are incredibly excited to be bringing you a release from the burningly good Candaian artist, Battle Lava.

A whole lot darker than his recent work, Battle Lava crafts a dirty sounding dance frenzy in the form of “Screen Hallucinations”, drawing influences from a selection of familiar sounds and giving them new grimy premise. Whilst a departure on the whole from his usual sound, the skill at which he tackles the dirt shows nothing but a higher skill at manipulating his compositions into new ideas and a growing range of styles.

Buy Or Stream It Here!

Friday 15 July 2011

PB022 | Holy Konni - Ambient Tracks And Chiptune Shit

Konni: “This album is basically a mixtape of different stuff I made a year ago, There’s some ambient and some chipmusic shit as well, so here you go. Yeah, this isn't really anything serious, but I still wanted to share it!
If you wanna hear good Holy Konni, go to here. THANKS AND PROINK!”

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, this mixtape of re-worked, old and unreleased tracks manages to showcase precisely why Holy Konni’s focused releases spurt such a vast range of influences and sounds, from the beautiful ambient soundscape tracks to the danceable and cute chip, all of this is purely priceless and far from “chipmusic shit”.

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Thursday 14 July 2011

PB021 | Poisoncut - Self-Titled

Filling a void left open over at Pxl-Bot, we’re extremely proud to bring you this debut release from another astonishingly good artist.

Funky. If one word summed up this release by Poisoncut it would be that. Funky and futuristic. With expert utilisation of the MilkyTracker, Poisoncut creates a collection of funk-laden cortex-re-designing tracks to get you a-moving. Hailing from the UK, this artist has put to together a collection of tracks from game soundtracks and a remix, bridged with a collection of 8bc favourites (and for a good reason too). Showing an awe-inspiring level breadth whilst sticking the funk module ever-so religiously, this is hella one catchy collection of songs and futuristic melodies.

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Monday 11 July 2011

PB020 | Kommisar - Colibri

With his third release over here at Pxl-Bot, Kommisar relentlessly keeps up appearances with another shotgun blast of insane melody, catchy hooks and full-throttle pacing on his birthday. Spreading the cheer like a boss.

Spanning six short but eclectic songs, Kommisar’s most recent outing brings even more of the sound fans of his work will have come to love and appreciate. The focus on melody and song structure are as strong as ever, whilst still supplying listeners new sounds to keep them interested and in awe of the versatility of this nothing short of full quality artists. Nothing really highlights these points more than the song “SuperFreak”, with its twisting solos and melodies which are ripe as fuck; it sums up the musical career of this astonishingly good artist remarkably well.

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Friday 8 July 2011

PB019 | Mega Flare - Round One Ep

Melodically inclined with bass lines reeking of acid, Pxl-Bot proudly present Mega Flare’s debut release.

Insanely catchy and etched on a melancholy stone, this strong release harbours so much passion it’s unforgettable. Melodies such as those in “Just Thinkin” are just plain beautiful, the bass line on the opener “Darkside” is inspiring, and throughout the entire release there are enough moments to fully paint the name Mega Flare into your mind. Sounding like the soundtrack for a futuristic steam punk tragedy, Round One’s incredibly dance-minded shenanigans are sure to leave you open-jawed with the aid of the incredibly strong climax in the form of “Awake”. One of the strongest debuts around, this is the type of release that makes our policy of focusing on new talent heavily justified.

Monday 4 July 2011

PB018| Cookeh- Furious Dreaming

Pxl-Bot bring you another Monday release, this time from one of the members of thesuperfruitsmoothies coalition, Cookeh.

Drawing influences heavily from dubstep, drum n bass and house, Cookeh wraps chip round these genres resulting in 5 tracks of variable danceable funk-laden tunes. Using the drums as the spine, Cookeh constructs his musical skeleton through his beats before supplying memorable melodies and drops to flesh it all out. High octane and extremely adrenaline-fuelled, “Furious Dreams” keeps the blood pumping throughout its’ short lifespan, leaving you needing more. Memorable, easy to swallow, and unquestionably catchy, Cookeh has created a valuable new item to be added to the chip repertoire.

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Monday 27 June 2011

PB017 | PandasAttack - What It's Worth

Here at Pxl-Bot we are very proud indeed to bring you the debut release from PandasAttack, and oh what a release it is!

A stunningly sophisticated EP full of chip electro tracks that are so good you can't resist but dance whenever one is played. The sounds PandasAttack manages to get from his trusty gameboy are simply amazing, namely the dubstep drop in A Loss which makes you question everything you know about the capabilities of the little handheld gaming device. The beats are catchy, the bass are driving and the melodies are divine, this is certainly a superb first EP from PandasAttack and is sure to secure him a foothold amongst the other greats of chiptune.

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Saturday 25 June 2011


Pxl-Bot are proud as fuck to be delivering CHOKE SANDWICH to your earspace.

The king of chipthrash has returned with a face destroying bang in this fantastic full-length. As aggressively frantic and crushingly mind-bending as ever, KOOL SKULL delivers his most varied, experimental, aggressive and selective release to date. Jumping between skits, hard hitting chipthrash, experimental vocal based noise songs, new takes on lounge music in “TIN CAN” and a healthy dose of danceable beats littered throughout, this is THE unmissable KOOL SKULL release. From beginning to end, through “PIZZA HOLE” to “BROKEN GLASS”, CHOKE SANDWICH breathes new light onto the chipthrash genre and is sure to be a milestone of its progress for years to come. To put all this simply, the hardest release in chip so far in 2011. Get ready to be brutalised in capslocks.

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Friday 24 June 2011

PB015 | Andrew Kilpatrick - Sonic Graffiti

With the blood, sweat and tears Andrew put into this album, he thought it more fitting to personally introduce you to it himself, this is what he has to say:

This is the biggie. It's been my baby in waiting for a good few months now. The serious one. The one I worked on to iron out everything into what I consider my greatest achievement musically. And I hope you agree!! Below is a link to a free five track version of the piece of work, however, If you can spare a dollah fiddy to lend a brother some love it'd be very much appreciated. What do you get for a dollah fiddy? The full dealo, the whole 10 tracks. Stream it if you want, download the free version or whatever, I just want this shit to be heard :) I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it!!

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Wednesday 22 June 2011

PB014 | AndrewKilpatrick - Square Wave Octave [Major]

The counterpart to mondays release is here, the second of three releases this week by AndrewKilpatrick. We are proud to bring you Square Wave Octave [Minor].

Andrew's second full length album holds the same brilliant standard as the first. Carrying on with the theme of the first album each wonderful track goes up a note from the previous except that this time they are all major. It then returns to minor in the last track so that it can loop back round to the beginning and the masterpiece can cycle forever until your head explodes from the awesomeness. This is an album that is needed just the same as the first so what are you waiting for, get it now.

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