Friday 15 July 2011

PB022 | Holy Konni - Ambient Tracks And Chiptune Shit

Konni: “This album is basically a mixtape of different stuff I made a year ago, There’s some ambient and some chipmusic shit as well, so here you go. Yeah, this isn't really anything serious, but I still wanted to share it!
If you wanna hear good Holy Konni, go to here. THANKS AND PROINK!”

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, this mixtape of re-worked, old and unreleased tracks manages to showcase precisely why Holy Konni’s focused releases spurt such a vast range of influences and sounds, from the beautiful ambient soundscape tracks to the danceable and cute chip, all of this is purely priceless and far from “chipmusic shit”.

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The mixtape itself jumps from short snippets of sound to full blown chip and ambient works, and even some vocal work thrown in to boot; this is definitely worth your time if you’re a fan of Konni’s work, and might serve even better if you’ve yet to experience the brilliance that is this artist. Memorable and easy to consume, much like Konni’s “serious” work, this mixtape is sure to have you hooked through its expansive and varying depths. A real box of tricks, this mixtape will contain something for everyone. Prepare to be left an extremely happy customer.


1. Raupe
2. Real Ambient
3. I'm Crying
4. The Next Mr. Will Not Survive
5. Newkids On De
6. Skummis
7. Ambient Fuck
8. Enya
9. LSDJ Milky
10. Nushit
11. Popo
12. New
14. Sleeping Over Me
15. It This Easy To Make Ambient
16. Hip Hopp
17. Mmm2
18. Ambi Track LSDJ