Friday 22 July 2011

PB025 | Starpilot - You May Now Enter

The third in our Canadian Neapolitan, Pxl-Bot are extremely excited to bring you the nothing short of brilliant, Starpilot.

With far more influences then it is possible to name in a short post, Starpilot once again manages to establish himself as a master of genre and composition, manipulating new ideas and formulas into his sound and songs to create another masterpiece of psychedelic chiptune. With hardworking being an understatement, this up-and-coming juggernaut divulges another 14 tracks of pure genius underlined with a further two just as essential bonus tracks. Leaving you quite literally spoilt for choice.

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The vast range of ideas and execution of them in this release give an unforgettable journey and is sure to be a testament for the future generations of chiptuners, about what really can be done with a bit of thinking outside of the composition box and the pure talent to act on it. Breath-taking, unforgettable, and downright beautiful, this release is a MUST even for those with no interest in chip. Surely it’ll change your mind.


1. Ripsote Bombardment
2. Carpet of Hot Embers
3. Candypam, Heroin- Addicted Stripper
4. Renoise64 (Lakesong)
5. Let Me Lick You
6. Forest Skuttle
7. Dos Was All We Knew
8. The World Was Over But It Was All In My Head
9. Diminished Arrays
10. Eating Flowers Off Shrubbery
11. Weapons Of Mass Distraction
12. Saliva Salvation
13. Comma Eight Comma One
14. Why The Fuck
15. Dead Robot Depository *
16. Post Haste *
*= Bonus Tracks

If you’re gagging for more Starpilot, hit up his bandcamp for more free music!