Thursday 28 July 2011

PB028 | VCMG - SemiPicturesque

Dripping with variety, VCMG’s newest offering to the chiptune world shouts “range” throughout its duration.

Differing from salty drum-strengthened waltzes to arps and scale explosive hyper-dance, VCMG can be seen here clearly demonstrating a huge amount of different styles and composition methods. Creeping house music and pumping melancholy anthems tossed in also really secures this release as a pure and simple showcase of why VCMG deserves the attention of the chiptune scene. Individually mastering all of the styles he tackles, this release focuses on creativity and the expansion of style over ‘playing it safe’, and the results speak for themselves through the intricate melodies and ample differences in atmosphere.

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1. Tell Me A Tale, Salty Seaman
2. Caffeine
3. Pl0xw3rt Plzz
4. Faster Than The Speed of Light
5. Cityglow