Saturday, 30 July 2011

PB029 | FuturNari - Another Unlikely Hero II

The second of our birthday-based joy-spreading releases is this time coming from the talents of the brilliant FuturNari.

Beautifully crafted songs with melodies as equally captivating, FuturNari delivers another slice of genuine chiptune gold through his sequel to the previously mind-altering-ly good release ‘Another Unlikely Hero’. Having come a huge amount of distance in terms of compositional skill since then, this time round FuturNari delivers a focused sucker punch in the form of five meticulously pieced together works.

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

PB028 | VCMG - SemiPicturesque

Dripping with variety, VCMG’s newest offering to the chiptune world shouts “range” throughout its duration.

Differing from salty drum-strengthened waltzes to arps and scale explosive hyper-dance, VCMG can be seen here clearly demonstrating a huge amount of different styles and composition methods. Creeping house music and pumping melancholy anthems tossed in also really secures this release as a pure and simple showcase of why VCMG deserves the attention of the chiptune scene. Individually mastering all of the styles he tackles, this release focuses on creativity and the expansion of style over ‘playing it safe’, and the results speak for themselves through the intricate melodies and ample differences in atmosphere.

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Monday, 25 July 2011

PB027 | Analog - Violeta

Without the need for an introduction, we here at Pxl-Bot proudly present, Analog.

Moving away from dirty dance punches and experimental guitar and drum layered insanity; here Analog showcases another incredibly talented take on a completely different style. Ambient soundscapes coupled with a chiptune layer of sound form some of the most beautiful music that’s ever been created, and quite frankly, the best ambient-based chiptune that has ever been released. Pleasing to the ear on all accounts, Analog manages to keep you entranced in a wave of ever-changing sounds and enough atmosphere to make you feel dizzy.

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PB026 | The Hamlet - The Forge

Short but so incredibly sweet, Pxl-Bot are incredibly happy to bring you the debut release from The Hamlet.

Melodically driven with an extensive use of harmonics to tame the listener, The Hamlet creates structurally simple yet very powerful songs, opting for a focus on melody to draw the listener in. As if telling a story, the tracks on this release run together to form an inner monologue of a narrative, inflaming the imagination and creating landscapes through the expert use of differing instrumentation. The choosing of specific timbre has been dealt with down to a tee, making each track stand out though both atmosphere and expression, causing this to be one hell of an impressive debut EP and one which we are incredibly proud to have unearthed for you.

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Friday, 22 July 2011

The Singles Competition

We here at Pxl-Bot are very pleased to announce our brand new competition. We are giving you a chance to win an exclusive, not yet available to the public, Pxl-Bot T-shirt, have your winning entry featured right here on the site and maybe a few other goodies.

All you have to do to enter is create a single, consisting of an A and B side and send it in to us. We will then pick the best entry and distribute awe, love and most importantly the prize accordingly.

For full rules and how to enter hit up the link below.

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Good Luck!

PB025 | Starpilot - You May Now Enter

The third in our Canadian Neapolitan, Pxl-Bot are extremely excited to bring you the nothing short of brilliant, Starpilot.

With far more influences then it is possible to name in a short post, Starpilot once again manages to establish himself as a master of genre and composition, manipulating new ideas and formulas into his sound and songs to create another masterpiece of psychedelic chiptune. With hardworking being an understatement, this up-and-coming juggernaut divulges another 14 tracks of pure genius underlined with a further two just as essential bonus tracks. Leaving you quite literally spoilt for choice.

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PB024 | DJ Eastern Blok - Ninjas Are Everywhere EP

Bringing you our second Canadian in a row, Pxl-Bot proudly present to you, DJ Eastern Blok.

Catchy and danceable tunes as the dish of the day here, DJ Eastern Blok manipulates his bass and drums to form a groove-minded coalition to serve as the back ground for his expertly manufactured melodies which jump between assonance and dissonance with an incredible ease to keep you off guard. Body pumping is the best way to describe this cohesively strong release, which whilst following a very similar style throughout, still finds time to digress from its own mould to make use of samples or more downright creepy atmospheres (see “Zombies Value Brains Over Beauty”). Ladle all of this with a healthy dose of trance influence and you have a winning release, and one we are truly proud to bring to our label.

Monday, 18 July 2011

PB023 | Battle Lava - Screen Hallucinations

Pxl-Bot are incredibly excited to be bringing you a release from the burningly good Candaian artist, Battle Lava.

A whole lot darker than his recent work, Battle Lava crafts a dirty sounding dance frenzy in the form of “Screen Hallucinations”, drawing influences from a selection of familiar sounds and giving them new grimy premise. Whilst a departure on the whole from his usual sound, the skill at which he tackles the dirt shows nothing but a higher skill at manipulating his compositions into new ideas and a growing range of styles.

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Friday, 15 July 2011

PB022 | Holy Konni - Ambient Tracks And Chiptune Shit

Konni: “This album is basically a mixtape of different stuff I made a year ago, There’s some ambient and some chipmusic shit as well, so here you go. Yeah, this isn't really anything serious, but I still wanted to share it!
If you wanna hear good Holy Konni, go to here. THANKS AND PROINK!”

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, this mixtape of re-worked, old and unreleased tracks manages to showcase precisely why Holy Konni’s focused releases spurt such a vast range of influences and sounds, from the beautiful ambient soundscape tracks to the danceable and cute chip, all of this is purely priceless and far from “chipmusic shit”.

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

PB021 | Poisoncut - Self-Titled

Filling a void left open over at Pxl-Bot, we’re extremely proud to bring you this debut release from another astonishingly good artist.

Funky. If one word summed up this release by Poisoncut it would be that. Funky and futuristic. With expert utilisation of the MilkyTracker, Poisoncut creates a collection of funk-laden cortex-re-designing tracks to get you a-moving. Hailing from the UK, this artist has put to together a collection of tracks from game soundtracks and a remix, bridged with a collection of 8bc favourites (and for a good reason too). Showing an awe-inspiring level breadth whilst sticking the funk module ever-so religiously, this is hella one catchy collection of songs and futuristic melodies.

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Monday, 11 July 2011

PB020 | Kommisar - Colibri

With his third release over here at Pxl-Bot, Kommisar relentlessly keeps up appearances with another shotgun blast of insane melody, catchy hooks and full-throttle pacing on his birthday. Spreading the cheer like a boss.

Spanning six short but eclectic songs, Kommisar’s most recent outing brings even more of the sound fans of his work will have come to love and appreciate. The focus on melody and song structure are as strong as ever, whilst still supplying listeners new sounds to keep them interested and in awe of the versatility of this nothing short of full quality artists. Nothing really highlights these points more than the song “SuperFreak”, with its twisting solos and melodies which are ripe as fuck; it sums up the musical career of this astonishingly good artist remarkably well.

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Friday, 8 July 2011

PB019 | Mega Flare - Round One Ep

Melodically inclined with bass lines reeking of acid, Pxl-Bot proudly present Mega Flare’s debut release.

Insanely catchy and etched on a melancholy stone, this strong release harbours so much passion it’s unforgettable. Melodies such as those in “Just Thinkin” are just plain beautiful, the bass line on the opener “Darkside” is inspiring, and throughout the entire release there are enough moments to fully paint the name Mega Flare into your mind. Sounding like the soundtrack for a futuristic steam punk tragedy, Round One’s incredibly dance-minded shenanigans are sure to leave you open-jawed with the aid of the incredibly strong climax in the form of “Awake”. One of the strongest debuts around, this is the type of release that makes our policy of focusing on new talent heavily justified.

Monday, 4 July 2011

PB018| Cookeh- Furious Dreaming

Pxl-Bot bring you another Monday release, this time from one of the members of thesuperfruitsmoothies coalition, Cookeh.

Drawing influences heavily from dubstep, drum n bass and house, Cookeh wraps chip round these genres resulting in 5 tracks of variable danceable funk-laden tunes. Using the drums as the spine, Cookeh constructs his musical skeleton through his beats before supplying memorable melodies and drops to flesh it all out. High octane and extremely adrenaline-fuelled, “Furious Dreams” keeps the blood pumping throughout its’ short lifespan, leaving you needing more. Memorable, easy to swallow, and unquestionably catchy, Cookeh has created a valuable new item to be added to the chip repertoire.

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