Sunday 28 August 2011

PB036 | DYLANBROCHILL - Waterwing Warrior

Dylan himself wanted to introduce his latest piece of work so we will leave it to him to tell you about his newest masterpiece.

Dylan: "Hey bros!
This is a collection of all the best songs I've written from my first LSDJ until the day of this release. I aimed to blend as much of everything from uplifting melodies to hard/crunchy/bass-heavy drops to evoke all the emotions I've felt since I've been
able to write on such a magnificent machine. I don't consider myself a master of LSDJ in the slightest, but I'm proud of how far I've gone with this and chipmusic in general, much further than I'd anticipated when I started out.
Party hard fellas!
Dylan MacKinnon"

Grab The ZIP Now!

Everything that needs to be said to be release has, in the main part, already been said above. This melodically hench and disgustingly danceable and addictive release is nothing short of pure genius throughout, and the eclectic selection of tracks presented here WILL leave you hooked to the nothing-short-of-genius work of Dylan. Outstanding.


1. Squirtles In Time
2. Untraceable
3. Riverhead
4. Breathing
5. Crashing Tide
6. Laika
7. The Search Part I
8. The Search Part II
9. Waterwing Warrior
10. First Date

Artwork by SomeoneSomewhere