Monday, 25 July 2011

PB026 | The Hamlet - The Forge

Short but so incredibly sweet, Pxl-Bot are incredibly happy to bring you the debut release from The Hamlet.

Melodically driven with an extensive use of harmonics to tame the listener, The Hamlet creates structurally simple yet very powerful songs, opting for a focus on melody to draw the listener in. As if telling a story, the tracks on this release run together to form an inner monologue of a narrative, inflaming the imagination and creating landscapes through the expert use of differing instrumentation. The choosing of specific timbre has been dealt with down to a tee, making each track stand out though both atmosphere and expression, causing this to be one hell of an impressive debut EP and one which we are incredibly proud to have unearthed for you.

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1. The Burning Bridge
2. Mountain Ascent
3. Forest Outskirts
4. Fog Rising
5. Frozen Lake
6. The Valley