Wednesday 7 September 2011

PB039 | VA - Pxl-Bot Presents [Vol 1]

After months of planning, the debut “Pxl-Bot Presents” compilation is now live!!! Bringing you the very best and most popular of the Pxl-Bot artist roster combined with some team member submissions and a track from upcoming Pxl-Bot artist “Fauxhound”, this compilation has cut no corners. Ordered for the most cohesive of listens, the Pxl-Bot artists have out-done themselves in terms of the vast range here, featuring fist-pumping dance, gritty spoken word, crunchy hard beats, ambience, LSDJ trips and everything in between. We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed putting it together and think it is worth a small donation to help move Pxl-Bot and its hosting to more permanent waters!!Grab The Album Now!
Also, we want to thank all those artists who were involved in putting this together and who submitted tracks to help in the expansion of the Pxl-Bot, we are eternally grateful!!! Josh, Dylan, Alexander, Rob, Bryan, James, Chris, Sam, Mark, Lucas, Jos, Vincent, Ville, Düane, Niño and Konstantin, THANKS AGAIN!! We also want to thank all those who’ve supported, released and helped in any way the fast snowballing of content that is Pxl-Bot expand to where it is today, and also to all those who plan on donating money through this compilationAndy & Alex


1. DYLANBROCHILL - Gathering
2. Battle Lava - Staring Daggers
3. Frostbyte - 10,000 Miles
4. Cookeh - Kissing The Clouds
5. Kommisar - Little Papa Adventures
6. Mega Flare - No 1 Cares [Extended Version]
7. thesuperfruitsmoothies - Not So Innocent
8. The Hamlet - A Sea Of Grass
9. PandasAttack - Pulse
10. Andrew Kilpatrick - Saturation
11. VCMG - Stars And Skies Forever
12. Ville Wannabe - Baby Stimuli
13. Starpilot - Vailixi
14. MONODEER - Noojs
15. Analog - Luna Menguante
16. Artisan - Flight
17. Fauxhound - Brains
18. 2xAA - Eyes
19. Holy Konni - Jesus Christ