Monday, 31 October 2011

PB053 | VCMG - Focal Point

And for the second release of Halloween we visit the other side of the spectrum, first brutality and now beauty brought to us by another returning favourite, VCMG!

After his astonishingly beautiful debut, VCMG returns having learnt how to make his music even prettier. From the closing melodic scales and harmonies to the releases’ opening, ‘Introduction’, through the creeping and bittersweet melodies and drum-work of ‘Waking Up In The Perseids’, VCMG keeps constantly catchy and gorgeous with his melodic work. Song structure-wise, the songs constantly shift under their own weight, with something bright and beautiful around every corner. The main difference between this release and his debut on Pxl-Bot is the cohesiveness of ‘Focal Point’. Sounding less like a compilation, all the songs intertwine beautifully to form one conjoined soundtrack to the disappearing summer; bittersweet and reflective.

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PB052 | Optimus Chad - Robotic Wasteland II: A Story Of Chaos And Rhythm

Optimus Chad is back, and even dirtier than ever. Pxl-Bot proudly bring you your dose of the brutal to aid your festivities. Happy Halloween!

Starting with a healthy portion of sampling and noise, all hell is shortly unleashed within the second track, ‘Feedback Warrior’, a rolling exercise in tension/release with some truly crushing sounds holding the dirt together. ‘Optimus Chad’ has really come immeasurably far since his hard hitting debut; he now hits twice as hard, twice as gritty whilst dousing subtle groove and even more aggression over his work, meanwhile experimenting left right and through the centre’s face with his melodies and drum work.

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Thursday, 27 October 2011

PB051 | Cooshinator - Self-Titled

Pxl-Bot are proud to present another debut release, this time from the new and shockingly inventive talent that is Cooshinator.

Despite having only begun composition in February of this year, Cooshinator deals a hand of surprisingly strong and memorable tracks, with an almost progressive attention to song structure. Delving in the deep end with the bittersweet spits of ‘Hypocrite’, with its many twists and atmospheric turns, the self-titled EP sets itself up from an early stage to be an unforgettable ride. Featuring a wide range of styles and sounds, from the progressive minimalism of ‘Bohrs Model’ and ‘Tangent’ to the more straight-forward house offerings of ‘Motion’, all songs are then doused with some trance sensibilities to complement their epic nature.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

PB050 | Ville Wannabe - Vox Stimuli

Pxl-Bot celebrate their 50th release with a returning appearance from one of the very first artists who ever graced the Pxl-Bot roster, Ville Wannabe.

The experimental sample-based style explored in his previous EP, ‘Future’ still holds a great amount of influence as seen from the opening number, ‘Inhale’, a vocal sample with guitar overdub. However, the new, heavily dance and the gorgeously soft sounds that dominate this release show themselves from the very start of ‘Vox Stimuli’. Ville weaves his melodies with a fragile and beautiful touch, dousing the cascading chords with a playful atmosphere with heaps of character intersected with more up-tempo, sometimes guitar driven, moments throughout to add some variety to the mix.

Monday, 17 October 2011

PB049 | Pxl-Bot Singles Competition Runners-Up Compilation

Because it would be just too cruel to not present to you some of the other fine entries to the first Pxl-Bot Singles Competition, we've rounded up the best and most choice cuts from out entries and presented them in a free downloadable/steamable format. Hope you enjoy!

On a side note, the tracks are arranged not by any mark system or anything, but in an order that makes them flow into an easily listenable and cohesive compilation. Well we tried our hardest, but it was difficult with such a wide range of styles and shi', so give us some slack.

Just another thanks to all those who entered, and well done again both to Analog and also the twelve artists featured here!! See you again next time!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

PB048 | Analog - La Maquinita / Luces De La Ciudad

Having to choose a winner for the Pxl-Bot Singles Competition would have been FAR more difficult if it hadn’t been for this entry.

Bringing his fist-pumping, glitch stomping and in your face aggressive house crunches, Analog stormed the castle with his memorable and almost house-pop –esque A-side followed by his epic and twisting nearly 7 minute B-side. The crunchy melodies and beats are guaranteed to have your ass moving, and the constant shift in syncopation and driving beat will have you on your dancing toes throughout. Fused together with a definite nod towards a dance floor orientated formation, this singles’ full throttle attitude and throat-ripping aggression is bound to have you moving. All hands for the winner of the first Pxl-Bot Singles Competition, Analog.

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Friday, 7 October 2011


NAMELESS, a never before heard musician uploaded a song called DEBUT to 8bitcollective recently. The textures were so rich, so full. One could quite obviously see the potential. Pxl-Bot contacted him and asked for an album to see where it would go.

And oh boy, did it go. This 4 track album is a bone-jarring rip-roar of a musical adventure, taking you through sharp rhythms and rough-as-all-heck synths. Throughout the whole time you listen to this album, your mind gets ripped in half and put back together numerous times as you try to comprehend how dirty this kid can make LSDJ sound.

You should totally download this album and get punched in the face with each of the free mp3s. It's worth it!

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Monday, 3 October 2011

PB046 | Roboctopus - The Landscape Has Been Erased

This fantastic release by Roboctopus has been brought to you by the newest member of the Pxl-Bot team, Frostbyte. So we will leave it to him to tell you all about this simply astonishing release, here is what he had to say:

Soft and gentle... intriguing and building, Swelling, massive and thick. These were all the words and phrases that came to my mind as my latest unreleased Roboctopus CD stared to spin in my stereo. Then the kick dropped in, and everything seemed to fall into place in what would become a wonderfully executed album. The snare came after, reassuring me about my previous assumptions. It was as if Roboctopus were right here with me, patting himself ont he back, looking at his music flow past, proud as ever.