Thursday 4 August 2011

PB031 | Beverage - Self Acceptance Is One Textbook Case Of Stockholm Syndrome Away

Sharing his Lazerscale voyage with us in the form of this 34 track compilation of endeavours, Beverage delivers a release of such experimental, emotional and psychological vastness that it’s almost overwhelming.

Ordered chronologically, this set of choice cuts, put together by the Pxl-Bot team and Beverage himself, forms an outline for the emotional and musical journey that Beverage and a small group of willing artists undertook. Ranging from beautiful drone, video-game-esque melodically wrought pieces, fist pumpers, glitchy head-cavers and some straight up insanity, this vast release features as many mind-boggling moments as ones of pure wonder.

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With influences and genres aplenty, it’d be difficult to NOT find something you love on this colossal release; you may even find 34 of these. A description doesn’t give this journey the justice it deserves; we just hope you enjoy it!!!

[Lack of tracklist due to sheer amount, check the cm or 8bc forum posts for more details]