Monday 19 September 2011

PB042 | Freque - Girl With Butterfly

A joint release on epic proportions, and Pxl-Bot join forces to deal you one heck of a release from founder, Freque.

Coated in beautiful melodies and addictive musical constructions, Freque spews out one hell of release on his debut solo effort, “Girl with Butterfly”. From the instance of the twisting and epic “U Had Me @ ASL”’s beginning, Freque lays his dance-coated hooks straight in underneath your skin where they intend to stay, right until the fist-pumping closer “Grzly Cntry” destroys your speakers with its heavy bass and gorgeous melodies.

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What’s most impressive about this release is how Freque, rather inexplicably, has managed to craft a truly unique style and sound within his music, most obvious on the release’s title track. The almost jittering melodies and semi-quavered rolls really create something that can’t be heard anywhere else but on this record, pushing this fantastic artist into the limelight with a strong thrust. Somehow the music breathes empty space, whilst at the same time remaining heavily layered and constantly shifting.
This really is a fantastic piece of work.


1. U Had Me @ ASL
2. The Devil Is A Disco Dancer
3. Codigo Azul
4. Laser Car On The Bandit Highway
5. Girl With Butterfly
6. Grzly Cntry