Monday, 1 June 2015

PB091 | Auxcide - Laniakea

Returning again to Pxl-Bot we are very pleased to be bringing you the latest from Auxcide, Laniakea.

With all the brilliance we've come to love and expect from Auxcide, Laniakea is a wonderfully crafted journey through the cosmos. Right from the first track 'Miasma', this release extrudes a cinematic like quality, constantly evolving and progressing, crafting a vast epic environment in which it's beautifully written, intertwining melodies can play out in. All of this coupled with punchy percussion and driving basslines shows off Auxcide's incredible sound design abilities and leaves Laniakea being something truly special.
Laniakea is also available on CD through Bandcamp.

Grab it on Bandcamp here!

Monday, 13 April 2015

PB090 | Infirm Individual - Neo Tokyo

Coming to you straight from the future we are very pleased to announce the latest from Infirm Individual, Neo Tokyo.

Telling the tale of a goblinoid cyberpunk Robin Hood, Neo Tokyo is an insight into a distant earth and life in the techno-slums of it's giant metropolis. Taking an 80's vibe and transplanting it into a futuristic world, Infirm Individual combines sweeping synths, jazzy melodies and punchy drums to create something magnificent, with tracks ranging from the almost ambient feel of 'The Astrodome' to 'Hoverboard Blvd' and its electric guitar lead, each feels unique and distinct. Don't miss this!

Grab the ZIP here!

Friday, 3 April 2015

PB089 | Calavera - Journeys

Making a second appearance on Pxl-Bot, we are very pleased to be bringing you the latest from Calavera, Journeys.

Revolving around the central theme made clear in it's title, Journeys is based on the idea that each of us is following a different course in life, striving for different goals and end locations. With this ep Calavera has managed to craft six incredible stories that point to this theme perfectly. Each track feels unique and different ranging from the energy packed drum and bass opening track 'Simulation Theory', to the ballad like 'About Us' and it's loving couple like harmonies that sing in tandem. All together this collection of songs creates a beautiful piece of work that is not only great musically but also resonates with feeling, make this ep the next step on your journey!

Grab it on Bandcamp here!

Monday, 23 March 2015

PB088 | The Laohu - FROgs

As we rise from our slumber and dust away the cobwebs we are very pleased to announce the latest album from The Laohu, FROgs.

Spanning two/three years of material, The Laohu effortlessly merges lsdj and guitar, packing this release with as much attitude as you would expect from a frog sporting a dope afro. Showing off his versatility as a musician with tracks ranging from the more serious and emotive 'I Swear' and 'The Roam' to the slightly more light hearted 'ThreeDee' a song about larger than average rear ends, featuring a special appearance by hype$quad. Don't miss this, chip rock at it's best!

Grab it on Bandcamp here!