Friday 30 September 2011

PB045 | Mega Flare - The Time For Games Is Over

Following two Ep releases here on Pxl-Bot, we’re extremely proud to bring to you Mega Flare’s debut full-length album.

Mega Flare constructs his usual melodic hooks here with extreme care to assure an almost ethereal experience when listening to this fantastic release. Each and every song here contains a very viable reason why it should be locked into your cortex for months to come. The songs don’t necessarily sound the same, but lock tightly together into the now trademark sound of Mega Flare, which in essence is a beautiful mixture of melody and countermelody straight from the catalogues of the bittersweet.

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One of the best and most commendable things about this release is its growth. Every repeat listen will draw further and further into the melodic intricacies presented before you, leaving you begging for more following the finale’s peak. He also combines what made his first two Rounds great, with jumps between more upbeat and straight forward tracks of Round One (see “Go”) to the slower more progressive style found within Round Two (see “Home”), and even features an appraisal of Round One’s climax, “Awake”, in the form of the re-working entitled “Still Awake”.

To cut a long story short, If you liked anything Mega Flare has previously released, melodically minded songs or bittersweet atmospheres, you will fucking love this album. 10 tracks not enough? Head to his bandcamp to buy HQ version with an extra seven equally astonishing B-Sides!!


1. Over
2. Still Awake
3. Miles In Any Direction
4. Home
5. No Suns
6. EMP
7. Go
8. Train
9. 8bits
10. Slow