Saturday, 24 December 2011

PB062 | Kommisar - Kommisar's Fakebit Metal World Tour

Roll up, roll up, Kommisar's Fakebit Metal World Tour has come to town! Sweeping across nations in a wave of destruction and super sized explosions, embrace it or be left behind buried beneath the trail of rubble!

Starting with the ear shatteringly good 'CYBORG BEAR ASSAULT 6' it catches you with its driving percussion and strong bass before applying the synthetic lead guitar on top, warming you up for the rest of the EP. 'Hybrid Brute' hitting you hard with its double stroke kick drums, 'Serendipitous Paraplegic Murder' with its driving bass and screaming lead and 'steel bomber' with its ability to make you feel as if there are a large number of projectiles raining doom down on you from above.

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Following these is 'X-SOLDIER STORM' starting out with a creepy haunted feeling, a driving bassline soon joins in, pushing you further forward into the song, where you are greeted by more awesome and catchy lead parts. Finally the tour draws to an end with 'Zaghurim's Stronghold', an awesome end to an awesome EP. The catchy melodies, combined with the gripping bass and the driving drums are expertly crafted together. Don't just take my word for how good this is listen for yourself!


2. Hybrid Brute Speedy Mix
3. Serendipitous Paraplegic Murder
4. Steel Bomber
6. Zaghurim's Stronghold (Original Extended)