Friday 2 September 2011

PB038 | Quantum Wave - Cavum Civitas

Space is a common theme for chip musicians, and a difficult one to perfect. Showing you how it’s done, Pxl-Bot proudly present to you, Quantum Wave.

Sounding similar to a voyage through space in a hyper-happy hot air balloon, Quantum Wave’s Pxl-Bot debut hits the memory glands hard with its infectious mixture of high octane melodies, pumping rhythm sections and easily digestible and wholesomely addictive song structures which form a never-ending twisting and writing fast paced release packed to the rafters with unforgettable moments.

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This is one of those releases where the melodies are TRULY beautiful, Quantum Wave secures himself within the very bustling chip scene with his well-crafted tracks and atmosphere with melodies that would put even the largest of chip titans to shame. Difficult to describe in words how astonishingly surprising this release is, you would do yourself a great justice by experiencing it yourself.


1. Departure From Earth (Trans-Lunar Injection)
2. Lost Voyage
3. The Distance In Dimensions
4. Rift Of Sanity
5. Wormhole Synthesis
6. Quantization Of Portals
7. Traveling Within Time
8. Altered Civilizations
9. Legion Overthrown
10. Dynasty Of Eta Carinae
11. The New World (Vanishing Dimensions)