Thursday 14 July 2011

PB021 | Poisoncut - Self-Titled

Filling a void left open over at Pxl-Bot, we’re extremely proud to bring you this debut release from another astonishingly good artist.

Funky. If one word summed up this release by Poisoncut it would be that. Funky and futuristic. With expert utilisation of the MilkyTracker, Poisoncut creates a collection of funk-laden cortex-re-designing tracks to get you a-moving. Hailing from the UK, this artist has put to together a collection of tracks from game soundtracks and a remix, bridged with a collection of 8bc favourites (and for a good reason too). Showing an awe-inspiring level breadth whilst sticking the funk module ever-so religiously, this is hella one catchy collection of songs and futuristic melodies.

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1. Starfighter 104 (Future Mix)
2. Freeze Dried Funk
3. Cockpit View
4. Midnight Diversion
5. Space Drive
6. 11th Doughnut
7. Starfighter 104 (Original)

More tracks available from Poisoncut’s site here.
Tracks 4 & 5 were made for a racing game called 8-bit Rally, check it out here.