Thursday 13 October 2011

PB048 | Analog - La Maquinita / Luces De La Ciudad

Having to choose a winner for the Pxl-Bot Singles Competition would have been FAR more difficult if it hadn’t been for this entry.

Bringing his fist-pumping, glitch stomping and in your face aggressive house crunches, Analog stormed the castle with his memorable and almost house-pop –esque A-side followed by his epic and twisting nearly 7 minute B-side. The crunchy melodies and beats are guaranteed to have your ass moving, and the constant shift in syncopation and driving beat will have you on your dancing toes throughout. Fused together with a definite nod towards a dance floor orientated formation, this singles’ full throttle attitude and throat-ripping aggression is bound to have you moving. All hands for the winner of the first Pxl-Bot Singles Competition, Analog.

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1. La Maquinita

2. Luces De La Ciudad

Artwork by the wonderful SomeoneSomewhere