Tuesday 13 September 2011

PB040 | Frostbyte - My Apologies

Bringing you a dance-fuelled attention sparking release in form of second EP from the newest member to the Pxl-Bot Team, Frostbyte deals you his hand in the form of “My Aplogies”.

Having come in bounds from the first release, Frostbyte lays down a collection of danceable and funky LSDJ hits with enough hooks to catch a school with one fell swoop. Melodically inclined and beautifully happy, with elements of glitch and touches space and the east in the sprawling melodies which wrap themselves effortlessly around the pumping and highly varied drums coupled with elements from dub and drum n bass which find their way effortlessly into the house-minded set of tracks put forward here, creating a release of unsurprising depth and range.

Grab The ZIP Now!

A complete must for anyone into dance-minded chiptune, and a milestone in the lifespan of the Pxl-Bot as both the 40th release and the induction of a third team member. Also, on the week starting the 3rd of October, Frostbyte is showing us what he’s got by organising two separate releases for Pxl-Bot, so get ready for that!!!


1. Lol
2. Hurricanes
3. Scarred [1xLSDJ Version]
4. 10,000 Miles
5. Miami
6. Raindance