Tuesday 22 November 2011

PB059 | Deepearth.void - Become The Void

Making his Pxl-Bot debut and showcasing his first full release for some time, the fantastical ‘Deepearth.void’ brings you 10 tunes of funk and complex dance to put a smile on your face.
After the drone-infused short intro, the track ‘Coconut’ sets up the listener for what is to come in the rest of the release. Sharp and concise structure which swaps and switches between styles and atmospheres, complex melodies, countermelodies and basslines that warp around each other to form a think consistency, and a fuck ton of funk and dance. Some of the melodies are truly awe-inspiring, and from the off you’ll be addicted like this shit’s smack.

Following this, anthem after anthem is pumped from this forgotten master’s weapons of choice, with atmospheres ranging from the happy dream-state of ‘Honey’ to the intense dubstep skimmed ‘Death’ and the wide-eye pumping of ‘Cake’. The level of diversity here is truly astonishing, and made even more impressive by how ‘Deepearth.void’ has managed to master all of the styles he tackles, with gusto. If none of this makes you download this fantastic piece of work, then it’s your loss!!!

Andrew Kilpatrick: This release is slightly bittersweet for me. After handling nearly fifty of the Pxl-Bot releases, it’s about time I take a long/maybe permanent hiatus from Pxl-Bot. Time is no longer a luxury I possess, and as such I’m stepping down to focus on some bigger projects I have approaching (more on that nearer the time, but check here for any news regarding it). So this is not goodbye forever! Pxl-Bot will be left solely in the control of the other owner (Alex Kelly aka Artisan) and his new assistant (Frostbyte), so expect more releases in the near future under the Pxl-Bot banner. Just want to thank ALL of the artists that I’ve worked with over the past few months and thanks to anyone and everyone who has ever downloaded a Pxl-Bot release, or even visited the site. Keep safe! Xoxox

Artwork By SomeoneSomewhere


1. Intro
2. Coconut
3. Breeze
4. Honey
5. Cream
6. Cake
7. Death
8. Sugar
9. Hard To Explain [The Strokes Cover]
10. Kraken