Monday 25 July 2011

PB027 | Analog - Violeta

Without the need for an introduction, we here at Pxl-Bot proudly present, Analog.

Moving away from dirty dance punches and experimental guitar and drum layered insanity; here Analog showcases another incredibly talented take on a completely different style. Ambient soundscapes coupled with a chiptune layer of sound form some of the most beautiful music that’s ever been created, and quite frankly, the best ambient-based chiptune that has ever been released. Pleasing to the ear on all accounts, Analog manages to keep you entranced in a wave of ever-changing sounds and enough atmosphere to make you feel dizzy.

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Slowly creeping through your mind and relaxing your muscles as it goes, this really defines what a good release is, not only does it merely consist of good music, but the process of listening to it is an experience. And, if you ask us, that is what defines a great piece of music. We hope you enjoy the experience as much as we did, as Analog is, on all accounts, and pure master of musical composition.


1. Una Manera De Comenzar
2. Como Ayer
3. Promenade