Thursday 10 November 2011

PB057 | AndaruGO & HunterQuinn - Echo Layer

And now they join forces.

Entering the fray with a fist-pumping throat-ripping and eye-popping duet as an intro track, the dual forced fist of both AndaruGO and HunterQuinn is truly great. Traversing the softer tones of Hunter and mixing them with the harsher barks of AndaruGO before converging their love for sweat-inducing beats, the two duet tracks showcase a higher understanding of dynamics and the harmonious attention to each other’s’ details inspires awe.
Saying that, the four tracks, two by just AndaruGO and another two by just HunterQuinn, are nothing to turn your nose up at. 

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The tracks showcase each artist’s individual talents, with the more experimental and thought-provoking and atmosphere-inducing subtle body-shaker works of AndaruGO synchronising perfectly with the precise face-breaking feet-bruising dance floor destroyers laid out by HunterQuinn.
With the creepy and dark tones of ‘Drillmissile’ interspersed with the dancefloor anthems of ‘Make It Moist’, and with a rounding off of the release with a second but equally as heart-stopping duet, this pair are both destined clearly destined for great things and make Pxl-Bot proud to have them as their first split release. All eyes on Cincinnati.


1. AndaruGO & HunterQuinn - Neon Night Gliders
2. AndaruGO - Echo Layer
3. HunterQuinn - Bridgetrognomlin
4. AndaruGO - Drillmissile
5. HunterQuinn - Make It Moist
6. AndaruGO & HunterQuinn - Slime Family Project