Friday 8 July 2011

PB019 | Mega Flare - Round One Ep

Melodically inclined with bass lines reeking of acid, Pxl-Bot proudly present Mega Flare’s debut release.

Insanely catchy and etched on a melancholy stone, this strong release harbours so much passion it’s unforgettable. Melodies such as those in “Just Thinkin” are just plain beautiful, the bass line on the opener “Darkside” is inspiring, and throughout the entire release there are enough moments to fully paint the name Mega Flare into your mind. Sounding like the soundtrack for a futuristic steam punk tragedy, Round One’s incredibly dance-minded shenanigans are sure to leave you open-jawed with the aid of the incredibly strong climax in the form of “Awake”. One of the strongest debuts around, this is the type of release that makes our policy of focusing on new talent heavily justified.

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1. Darkside
2. Just Thinkin
3. Walking Up
4. Live
5. With The Tide
6. Awake

Artwork by Holy Konni!