Monday 31 October 2011

PB052 | Optimus Chad - Robotic Wasteland II: A Story Of Chaos And Rhythm

Optimus Chad is back, and even dirtier than ever. Pxl-Bot proudly bring you your dose of the brutal to aid your festivities. Happy Halloween!

Starting with a healthy portion of sampling and noise, all hell is shortly unleashed within the second track, ‘Feedback Warrior’, a rolling exercise in tension/release with some truly crushing sounds holding the dirt together. ‘Optimus Chad’ has really come immeasurably far since his hard hitting debut; he now hits twice as hard, twice as gritty whilst dousing subtle groove and even more aggression over his work, meanwhile experimenting left right and through the centre’s face with his melodies and drum work.

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The biggest and most notable change is the aggression. Sections of ‘Robotic Wasteland II’ are truly brutal, fist-pumping and gravel-coated pieces of anger. Every single part of this fantastic piece of work emanates hatred and snarls; it’s something that really needs to be experienced. And if just one of the angriest pieces in the history of chipthrash wasn’t enough, the release is rounded up by remix by Pxl-Bot co-owner Andrew Kilpatrick and more from Pxl-Bot buddies Starpilot and The MM Project bringing the track count to 13!! Spooky?
You’re Halloween is going to be a brutal one.


1. From Utopia To Destruction

2. Feedback Warrior
3. 1 Sh4ll R1s3 I Sh4ll F4ll
4. M- Bit
7. Trypticon
8. Soundwave Superior
9. Face Down Fist Clinched
10. Death Is Dead OC Remix (Starpilot Remix)
11. June 1st (Andrew Kilpatrick Remix)
12. 2 Gud 4 Da Flea Market (The MM Project Remix)
13. One Shall Rise One Shall Fall (Starpilot’s Eyeballs Remix)