Monday 5 December 2011

PB061 | Datamancer - Geosmin

You may of heard him on the singles competition compilation album a couple of months ago, but now Datamancer is back with his very own EP.

The first thing that comes to mind after hearing this three track EP is short, but very very sweet. Datamancer has crafted 3 excellent tracks. Starting with Quixotic, you are welcomed with a sweet melody, beckoning you in. The catchy drums keep you held in its grips right the way through as the melody weaves its way along, twisting and turning as it goes. The next track is Lit Up, starting off with a catchy drum beat it then drops with an awesome dubstep bass, which is followed by something to get up and move to. The final track is 11-11-11 this wastes no time in making you want to move to the beat with its 'four on the floor' drum beat and catchy bass and melody, while still brining in ambience which rounds the track off nicely. This needs to be listened to!

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1. Quixotic
2. Lit Up
3. 11-11-11