Monday, 27 June 2011

PB017 | PandasAttack - What It's Worth

Here at Pxl-Bot we are very proud indeed to bring you the debut release from PandasAttack, and oh what a release it is!

A stunningly sophisticated EP full of chip electro tracks that are so good you can't resist but dance whenever one is played. The sounds PandasAttack manages to get from his trusty gameboy are simply amazing, namely the dubstep drop in A Loss which makes you question everything you know about the capabilities of the little handheld gaming device. The beats are catchy, the bass are driving and the melodies are divine, this is certainly a superb first EP from PandasAttack and is sure to secure him a foothold amongst the other greats of chiptune.

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Saturday, 25 June 2011


Pxl-Bot are proud as fuck to be delivering CHOKE SANDWICH to your earspace.

The king of chipthrash has returned with a face destroying bang in this fantastic full-length. As aggressively frantic and crushingly mind-bending as ever, KOOL SKULL delivers his most varied, experimental, aggressive and selective release to date. Jumping between skits, hard hitting chipthrash, experimental vocal based noise songs, new takes on lounge music in “TIN CAN” and a healthy dose of danceable beats littered throughout, this is THE unmissable KOOL SKULL release. From beginning to end, through “PIZZA HOLE” to “BROKEN GLASS”, CHOKE SANDWICH breathes new light onto the chipthrash genre and is sure to be a milestone of its progress for years to come. To put all this simply, the hardest release in chip so far in 2011. Get ready to be brutalised in capslocks.

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Friday, 24 June 2011

PB015 | Andrew Kilpatrick - Sonic Graffiti

With the blood, sweat and tears Andrew put into this album, he thought it more fitting to personally introduce you to it himself, this is what he has to say:

This is the biggie. It's been my baby in waiting for a good few months now. The serious one. The one I worked on to iron out everything into what I consider my greatest achievement musically. And I hope you agree!! Below is a link to a free five track version of the piece of work, however, If you can spare a dollah fiddy to lend a brother some love it'd be very much appreciated. What do you get for a dollah fiddy? The full dealo, the whole 10 tracks. Stream it if you want, download the free version or whatever, I just want this shit to be heard :) I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it!!

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

PB014 | AndrewKilpatrick - Square Wave Octave [Major]

The counterpart to mondays release is here, the second of three releases this week by AndrewKilpatrick. We are proud to bring you Square Wave Octave [Minor].

Andrew's second full length album holds the same brilliant standard as the first. Carrying on with the theme of the first album each wonderful track goes up a note from the previous except that this time they are all major. It then returns to minor in the last track so that it can loop back round to the beginning and the masterpiece can cycle forever until your head explodes from the awesomeness. This is an album that is needed just the same as the first so what are you waiting for, get it now.

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Monday, 20 June 2011

PB013 | AndrewKilpatrick - Square Wave Octave [Minor]

Kick starting off this weeks trio of releases from our very own Andrew Kilpatrick is Square Waves Octave [Minor].

This is Andrew's first full length album and it does not disappoint. This album as well as its counterpart, to be released later this week, has a theme of sorts, in which each of its expertly crafted tracks steps up a key from the last until eventually the first song is repeated in the opposite modality to lead onto the following album and vice versa. It is as if Andrew had danced along a piano tapping out songs as he moved along. The tracks are solid, with ambient tones, crackling drums and melodies which make you quiver at the knees. It is definitely an amazing release and a must have for all chip fans.

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Friday, 17 June 2011

PB012 | MONODEER - Noise.bmp

It is Pxl-Bot’s highest pleasure to bring you this ground-destroying piece of work from 8bc fave, MONODEER.

Slow, dark and riddled with a sense of despair, this heavily dub inspired debut offering from MONODEER drags you in quickly and smothers you quietly in its’ intoxicatingly suffocating atmosphere. Far from being one dimensional, Noise.bmp leaks lo-fi charm corrupted with its own dark innards taking influence from noise music and a definite doom-esque tinge. MONODEER then goes onwards from his pre-established groove-fuelled aggression to inject a healthy amount of hook riddled melody before “Shatter” does as its name suggests. From start to finish this innovative and awe-inspiring release oozes a dark atmosphere from every orifice, creating one of the most refreshingly new sounding chip releases of the year. Think less dubstep, and more darkstep.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

PB011| Holy Konni- Earth Child, Answer Already

Pxl-Bot’s friendly neighbourhood cover artist brings you his latest and most awe-inspiring piece of work to date.

Cascading chip, space fuelled drones, floating voices and delicate guitars swamp Pxl-Bot’s most atmospheric release to date, with Holy Konni at the helm leading his musical shuttle expertly through Pink Floyd-esque territory and back out through a futuristic maelstrom. Featuring much more than just standard chip, this fresh outlook on the use of the instrument draws influences from several different areas and leaves the listener jaw-gappingly hooked. Relaxing, space-y and perfect to a minute tee, this release is nothing short of stunning. And we are unspeakably proud to support the work of both a great artist and a great person.

Live long and prosper Konni <3 Grab It Here!

Monday, 6 June 2011

PB010 | Kommisar - Pixel Girl

Bringing his second release to Pxl-Bot and also our 10th release, Kommisar returns on his usual fantastic form. His usual melodically focused memorable chaos has returned, this time with a slightly darker twist to compliment the increase in range of this astonishingly fresh artist.

Rarely does an artist produce so much material this regularly that seems this new and original each time round. From the very beginning Kommisar breaches new heights of structural and musical complexity and achieves so with apparent ease whilst still managing to lodge his hefty melodic hooks in your cortex. Featuring an Iron Maiden inspired chip re-imaging, a vs track with Zaghurim on the release closer and a return to his classic track “La Lune du minuit ├ęternel” this is Kommisar’s most accomplished and broad release to date.

We here at Pxl-Bot are once again very proud to bring you another release by this Chip God. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Grab The ZIP Now!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

PB009 | Thesuperfruitsmoothies - Guavas, Mangoes & Goji Berries

Songs about fruit and lasers. Pxl-Bot and all the artists involved are very happy to be bringing out a choice offering of condensed fruity goodness.

A collaboration drawing from the creative juices of Andrew Kilpatrick, Cookeh (James Cook) and Chipset (Oliver Williams) Pxl-Bot’s ninth release brings you a collection of ideas and sounds drawn from more influences than songs there are on the release. Traversing grimey rave, full throttle drum driven noise, polyrhythmic spits and plodding space driven melodically-minded trance, all delivered with the medium of chip, this release breathes a scope and vast range from the off. Written over seven months, the collaborative’s first offering brings promise of greater and even more diverse things, with the starting template of fruits with lasers locked firmly in place.