Monday 17 October 2011

PB049 | Pxl-Bot Singles Competition Runners-Up Compilation

Because it would be just too cruel to not present to you some of the other fine entries to the first Pxl-Bot Singles Competition, we've rounded up the best and most choice cuts from out entries and presented them in a free downloadable/steamable format. Hope you enjoy!

On a side note, the tracks are arranged not by any mark system or anything, but in an order that makes them flow into an easily listenable and cohesive compilation. Well we tried our hardest, but it was difficult with such a wide range of styles and shi', so give us some slack.

Just another thanks to all those who entered, and well done again both to Analog and also the twelve artists featured here!! See you again next time!

1. Datamancer - Guy Montag
2. Crit Hit - Every Knee And Every Tongue
3. Hyperwave - Escape To Lightspeed
4. Space Town Saviour - I Am A Canadian Teenager
5. Decktonic - Acid [Demo]
6. Robot Influence - Clouds Above Clouds
7. Mega Flare - Set The Pace
8. Zeropass - Scorch, Defile & Raze
9. Moogle Charm - Lowercase
10. Parallelis - Olympus Mons
11. Spaceman Fantastiques - Which Dimension?
12. Bubu - Abrand