Thursday 10 November 2011

PB056 | HunterQuinn - Bourbon Back Attack

The second artist to grace Pxl-Bot from Cincinnati this week, HunterQuinn breaks his debut through your earscape.

Pumping. HunterQuinn’s debut ‘Bourbon Back Attack’ can be defined almost entirely by this word. Never sitting still for a second, HQ spins and twists his beats and melodies which are melded perfectly for the dancefloor, with that typical Cincinnati chic gloss of experimentation (see ‘J33Z FACTOR3’ intro for more details). From the fist-flinging intro to the ass-shaking cascade of ‘Fucking Dance’ and through the slower tension-rife guttural whippings of ‘Buttaface Bergade’, HunterQuinn has managed to craft one of the most danceable and pure addictive releases to date at Pxl-Bot, with a huge amount of professionalism to boot.

Grab The ZIP Now!

Leaving almost no room to breathe, constricting you to a small dance-coffin, the tracks on this fantastic, well produced and down-right mindblowing release are to die for. Instead you can just go and download them for free here.


1. Slippery Velvetine Slide
3. Fucking Dance
4. The Peen Screen
5. Buttaface Bergade
6. Valcron