Monday 11 July 2011

PB020 | Kommisar - Colibri

With his third release over here at Pxl-Bot, Kommisar relentlessly keeps up appearances with another shotgun blast of insane melody, catchy hooks and full-throttle pacing on his birthday. Spreading the cheer like a boss.

Spanning six short but eclectic songs, Kommisar’s most recent outing brings even more of the sound fans of his work will have come to love and appreciate. The focus on melody and song structure are as strong as ever, whilst still supplying listeners new sounds to keep them interested and in awe of the versatility of this nothing short of full quality artists. Nothing really highlights these points more than the song “SuperFreak”, with its twisting solos and melodies which are ripe as fuck; it sums up the musical career of this astonishingly good artist remarkably well.

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1. Colibri
2. Nodocchi Eats Pocky
3. Rainbow Palace
4. SuperFreak
5. Star Stream
6. Nemeton RX

Album artwork by Patrick Du.