Thursday 25 August 2011

PB035 | Chickenandrofls - ASDF

Sounding like a Castlevania soundtrack throughout, this heavily gothic inspired and melodically driven release comes from chiptune newbie “Chickenandrofls”.

Whilst the execution may be amateurish, it only helps to heighten the effectiveness of the outstanding melodies at play here. From the off, melodies and counter-melodies dance in unison like a twin-headed snake, until one the final assaults, “My Asthma”, takes the idea to a new level with some flooringly-good melodic banter. Reeking of a dark atmosphere this eclectic choice still manages to maintain a high level of charm, making ASDF a sign of greater things to come. Rounded off with a remix by one of the Pxl-Bot’s owners, this release features a large variety of must-listen-to-tracks from a new and rather criminally unknown acts.

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1. Haunted Forest
2. Stand Your Ground
3. Zompire Castle Island Nightmare World
4. Cloud City
5. The Horned King (The Cauldron Born cover)
6. Ghosthaus
7. Reach For The Stars
8. Subterria
9. My Asthma
10. Altight, You Did It!!!
11. Speedman (Andrew Kilpatrick Remix)