Friday 4 November 2011

PB054 | Fauxhound - He Lives Forever

New Zealand’s answer to 10k, Fauxhound, delivers his stunningly bleak spit of a sophomore effort on Pxl-Bot in the form of ‘He Lives Forever’.

Opening with the sickly depressing tone to which the rest of the release would follow, Fauxhound’s masterful blending of spoken rhythm and meaningful words intertwined with glitchy and rolling drums and melodies creates an incredibly dark and gritty listen. Song ‘love + secrets’ lends a groove to parts of the vocal work before towering up into a cascade of chip sounds, whilst ‘door to door’ pulls its own teeth out before Fauxhound’s incredibly punk-esque dragging voice adds to the insanity. ‘diesleep’ carries a creepy and sleepy tone until Fauxhound begins to spit his depressed pessimisms, before the final track barks widely with a slightly more optimistic but no less creepy feel.

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From beginning to the finale, Fauxhound has managed to construct a truly unique and genius sound and style in his music. Taking everything that was good in his debut, he has improved into one of the most promising and talented chip musicians to ever have existed. No hyperbole needed.

Mix & Master: Dave Currie
Artwork by Alessandra Banal


1. kittens.v1.01
2. love+secrets
3. door to door
4. diesleep
5. Aimee, is this a little creepy?