Monday 7 November 2011

PB055 | AndaruGO - Megadoomer

Taking the place of the third artist from the expanding Cincinnati scene to be featured on Pxl-Bot, AndaruGO delves into the world of trance and dirt for his debut release, ‘Megadoomer’.

Starting the with title track, a dirty and gritty convulsion, AndaruGo then goes on to start as he’ll continue throughout the rest of the release on ‘Hokutou’, fist-pumping grime-inducing trance-esque chip sonnets. Featuring as many truly jaw-dropping moments as you can possibly fit into six tracks, from the pure trance breakdown into the schizophrenic melodies on the climax of ‘Shark War’ to the slow downed swagger moments of ‘Zawarudo’, this release showcases the exact reasons why the developing chiptune scene in Cincinnati is such an exciting one; it creates dance-floorable tunes with a mission statement of “defy the conventions”.

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Rolling through the epic ‘Ur Heart A-splode’ it’s difficult to not imagine it in a live setting, with its pumping bass and drums leading you by hand through the debris it creates. This release is definitely a flare signal to all that AndaruGO means business, though whilst most debuts sound exactly like that, this debut sounds like the transition into something greater release through and through.

Artwork by Andrea Rae Shafer, to see more of her fantastic work visit here.


1. Megadoomer
2. Hokutou
3. Shark War
4. Ur Heart A-splode
5. Zawarudo
6. War Is Over