Wednesday 22 June 2011

PB014 | AndrewKilpatrick - Square Wave Octave [Major]

The counterpart to mondays release is here, the second of three releases this week by AndrewKilpatrick. We are proud to bring you Square Wave Octave [Minor].

Andrew's second full length album holds the same brilliant standard as the first. Carrying on with the theme of the first album each wonderful track goes up a note from the previous except that this time they are all major. It then returns to minor in the last track so that it can loop back round to the beginning and the masterpiece can cycle forever until your head explodes from the awesomeness. This is an album that is needed just the same as the first so what are you waiting for, get it now.

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1. Paperclips (C Major)
2.A Royal Occasion (C# Major)
3. When Love Visits (D Major)
4. Collision (D# Major)
5. Future Through The Looking Glass (E Major)
6. Trident (F Major)
7. Gone Fishing (F# Major)
8. Une Baguette (G Major)
9. Insect (G# Major)
10. Nemo (A Major)
11. Shifting Sands And Falling Plans (A# Major)
12. The Next Summer Hit (B Major)
13. Paperslits (C Minor)