Friday 22 July 2011

PB024 | DJ Eastern Blok - Ninjas Are Everywhere EP

Bringing you our second Canadian in a row, Pxl-Bot proudly present to you, DJ Eastern Blok.

Catchy and danceable tunes as the dish of the day here, DJ Eastern Blok manipulates his bass and drums to form a groove-minded coalition to serve as the back ground for his expertly manufactured melodies which jump between assonance and dissonance with an incredible ease to keep you off guard. Body pumping is the best way to describe this cohesively strong release, which whilst following a very similar style throughout, still finds time to digress from its own mould to make use of samples or more downright creepy atmospheres (see “Zombies Value Brains Over Beauty”). Ladle all of this with a healthy dose of trance influence and you have a winning release, and one we are truly proud to bring to our label.

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1. Hello Blue Eyes
2. Zombies Value Brains Over Beauty
3. Moonlit Starshine
4. Au Revoir Nuit

For more Dj Eastern Blok check out his bandcamp and facebook page. Happy Listening!!