Friday 24 June 2011

PB015 | Andrew Kilpatrick - Sonic Graffiti

With the blood, sweat and tears Andrew put into this album, he thought it more fitting to personally introduce you to it himself, this is what he has to say:

This is the biggie. It's been my baby in waiting for a good few months now. The serious one. The one I worked on to iron out everything into what I consider my greatest achievement musically. And I hope you agree!! Below is a link to a free five track version of the piece of work, however, If you can spare a dollah fiddy to lend a brother some love it'd be very much appreciated. What do you get for a dollah fiddy? The full dealo, the whole 10 tracks. Stream it if you want, download the free version or whatever, I just want this shit to be heard :) I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it!!

Buy On Bandcamp Now! or only get half the awesome and Grab The Free Teaser!


1. Suwaronaifu *
2. Polka Dot Sun
3. Cyan *
4. Solar Beach
5. I Left Your House In Flames
6. Geographical Diodes *
7. In The Wind These Trees Look Like Fog *
8. Unapologetic [Full Edit]
9. Carbon
10. Nevergreen *

* = on the free teaser

Also, huge thanks to Holy Konni for being the babe o' the century and making this insane artwork. Moving version found here.