Pxl-Bot is an electronic music netlabel with a variety of different underground and alternative styles including 8-bit, chiptune, and glitch. Founded in 2011, we are a new netlabel but aim to bring the same standard of releases as that of an experienced one. We are based in sunny old england, but feature artists from around the world.

All our music is free and available for you to share, copy, and burn to your hearts content. However there are some rights reserved. We use the Creative Commons License to protect our artists' work, you may not use the music for commercial purposes, you may not use alter or transform the music, and full attribution must always be given to the respective artist.

We are currently accepting demo submissions via our Soundcloud Dropbox.

If you are unable to use the Soundcloud Dropbox, or for any other enquiries please use our Contact Form.

Thank you and enjoy.