Monday 4 July 2011

PB018| Cookeh- Furious Dreaming

Pxl-Bot bring you another Monday release, this time from one of the members of thesuperfruitsmoothies coalition, Cookeh.

Drawing influences heavily from dubstep, drum n bass and house, Cookeh wraps chip round these genres resulting in 5 tracks of variable danceable funk-laden tunes. Using the drums as the spine, Cookeh constructs his musical skeleton through his beats before supplying memorable melodies and drops to flesh it all out. High octane and extremely adrenaline-fuelled, “Furious Dreams” keeps the blood pumping throughout its’ short lifespan, leaving you needing more. Memorable, easy to swallow, and unquestionably catchy, Cookeh has created a valuable new item to be added to the chip repertoire.

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Track list:

1. Furious Dreaming
2. Arr Matey
3. What's This
4. Fluffy Armour
5. Yeahhhh