Monday, 29 August 2011

PB037 | Optimus Chad - Robotic Wasteland

Dirty, caked in grime and sounding not dissimilar to a mouthful of gravel, Pxl-Bot get their chipthrash on with new talent Optimus Chad.

Full of various samples and deafening noise smashes, “Robotic Wasteland” lands a precise and very loud blow to your brain leading to indefinite dizziness. Crafted using LSDJ and a shiton of anger, Optimus Chad blasts out noise-fuelled song after song, breaking down all forms of acceptable composition techniques in favour of head-butting you right in your face. Songs like “June 1st” and “Kup Is Shaking It!” really highlights the hugely intense and schizophrenic atmosphere of this jaw-dropping release, which is rounded off nicely with a gorgeously disgusting remix of a Wizwars tune followed by noisy drone outro. Definitely not for the faint hearted, but a fantastic addition to the Pxl-Bot catalogue and the chipthrash genre none the less. Optimus Chad is certainly one to watch…

Sunday, 28 August 2011

PB036 | DYLANBROCHILL - Waterwing Warrior

Dylan himself wanted to introduce his latest piece of work so we will leave it to him to tell you about his newest masterpiece.

Dylan: "Hey bros!
This is a collection of all the best songs I've written from my first LSDJ until the day of this release. I aimed to blend as much of everything from uplifting melodies to hard/crunchy/bass-heavy drops to evoke all the emotions I've felt since I've been
able to write on such a magnificent machine. I don't consider myself a master of LSDJ in the slightest, but I'm proud of how far I've gone with this and chipmusic in general, much further than I'd anticipated when I started out.
Party hard fellas!
Dylan MacKinnon"

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

PB035 | Chickenandrofls - ASDF

Sounding like a Castlevania soundtrack throughout, this heavily gothic inspired and melodically driven release comes from chiptune newbie “Chickenandrofls”.

Whilst the execution may be amateurish, it only helps to heighten the effectiveness of the outstanding melodies at play here. From the off, melodies and counter-melodies dance in unison like a twin-headed snake, until one the final assaults, “My Asthma”, takes the idea to a new level with some flooringly-good melodic banter. Reeking of a dark atmosphere this eclectic choice still manages to maintain a high level of charm, making ASDF a sign of greater things to come. Rounded off with a remix by one of the Pxl-Bot’s owners, this release features a large variety of must-listen-to-tracks from a new and rather criminally unknown acts.

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Monday, 22 August 2011

PB034 | The MM Project - Per Aspera Ad Astra

Dragging influences from all the far reaches of electronic music, The MM Project makes his Pxl-Bot debut with this intensely brilliant release.

Expertly composed and brilliantly realised, these eight tracks make one of the most well-rounded and professional sounding releases ever stamped with the Pxl-Bot marking, from sample-led dread in “Machina”’s beginning to the beautiful soft danceable sounds in “Good Dispositions Expected” and out through ambient and spacey atmospheres in “Spays Dreemz”. With his first release in over three years, The MM Project really does return with a huge bang; memorable melodies, intelligent structures and a blast of pure variety whilst still ending up with a cohesive release, “Per Aspera Ad Astra” is sure to be one of those releases that gets far more than a single listen, and with an epic an ending as "Tin Can", you can't really be blamed.

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Thursday, 18 August 2011

PB033 | Mega Flare - Round Two

Back with his second EP, Mega Flare returns to Pxl-Bot with his relentlessly beautiful sound for “Round Two”.

Instead of playing it safe with an exact repetition of the same style, Mega Flare opts to broaden his compositions and song structures, adding in samples, an abundance of new influences and coarse and melancholy atmosphere whilst keeping his trademark melodic styling. With a definite feel for epic constructions, the songs all slowly snowball to a danceable end before with their slow plodding sense of direction, and far more melodies are utilised in each song than in the first Round.

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Monday, 15 August 2011

PB032 | Mystic Hero - Mythology

Back from our short summer break, Pxl-Bot return with a titanic release from the legendary Mystic Hero.

Epic and so very well thought out, “Mythology” slowly wraps itself around you with a masterful use and combination of dynamics and melody. Covering a large range from soft peaceful pieces to crunchy industrial tinged menace and through acid tinged bass driven heaven, this release really does sound like a journey. As large as its name suggests, and as focused of a release as Mystic Hero has ever had, “Mythology” showcases everything that is good about Mystic Hero’s past work but with so much more, and with an added sub-zero atmosphere. It’d be too easy to make a pun involving the name, so just make your own, whatever you come up with won’t be untrue of this release.

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

PB031 | Beverage - Self Acceptance Is One Textbook Case Of Stockholm Syndrome Away

Sharing his Lazerscale voyage with us in the form of this 34 track compilation of endeavours, Beverage delivers a release of such experimental, emotional and psychological vastness that it’s almost overwhelming.

Ordered chronologically, this set of choice cuts, put together by the Pxl-Bot team and Beverage himself, forms an outline for the emotional and musical journey that Beverage and a small group of willing artists undertook. Ranging from beautiful drone, video-game-esque melodically wrought pieces, fist pumpers, glitchy head-cavers and some straight up insanity, this vast release features as many mind-boggling moments as ones of pure wonder.

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Monday, 1 August 2011

PB030 | Infirm Individual - I'm Not From Here

Varied, memorable and truly unforgettable, we here at Pxl-Bot are incredibly excited to be bringing you this release.

Having etched a name himself for writing insane psychedelic chiptune with enough outside influences to sink a boat, Infirm Individual stays true to his reputation in what may be his most varied and complete-sounding release to date. Starting off with a duo of spacey atmosphere regulating ambient tinged and vocally soft tracks, the lull is quickly disrupted with the epic and sprawling “Exorcism Of Ghouls & Ghosts” which jumps between outright insanity, back to ambience and then schizophrenically through high tempo fist-pumpable melodies and drum cascades.

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