Saturday, 27 October 2012

PB078 | Blip Noir - Before The End Of The World

Having gone through a name change since last appearing here on Pxl-Bot, Blip Noir (previously DJ Eastern Blok) makes a spectacular return. A new name, a stunning debut album but the same immense music!

With driving beats, wonderful melodies and dance move inducing bass lines "Before The End Of The World" packs a punch. Every track is distinct and full of character, which leads to the overall album crafting a story of apocalypse inducing excellence. Definitely one of the must hear albums of this year, certainly as the end is near (At least according to the Mayans.. .apparently). So give it a listen before you miss out!

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Thursday, 27 September 2012

PB077 | Whitely & Love Through Cannibalism - Wonderful Island

Keeping summer alive as the seasons move towards winter, we are very proud to present to you a simply incredible split from Whitely and Love Through Cannibalism, Wonderful Island!

Creating a wonderfully upbeat sound, this album manages to conjure images of beautiful tropical beaches and luxuriously blue oceans with every beat and note. Each artist has their unique styles, but the entire album stays cohesive. Whitely starts off the album with his unique blend of sunny, dancey and downright cool tracks! Having featured here on Pxl-Bot before, Whitely this time ventures away from the straight chip sounds that we have heard before, but still draws heavily from the familiar sounds and styles that we have listened to and loved. Love Through Cannibalism then follows up behind, with his glorious seapunk, chipbreak goodness! Each track packed full of energy, sea spray and golden sand. Guaranteed to make even the most docile of fish grow feet and move them to the beat, grab this album now!

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

PB076 | Falling For A Square - D I A R Y

Making a hard hitting debut here on Pxl-Bot we are very proud to bring to you the latest (and first completely LSDJ release) from Falling For A Square, D I A R Y.

Right from the start D I A R Y pulls you into its story through cascades of wonderful sounding instruments capturing the mood perfectly. Each track is unique and holds with it a different set of feelings expressed with beautiful clarity. Despite the album's broad range, the piece as an entity stays as one, also containing two bonus tracks, full artwork and a wallpaper by Richard Alexander Caraballo of Minusbaby, what are you waiting for!

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Monday, 9 July 2012

PB075 | Analog - Azul Petróleo

Pxl-Bot’s favourite Chilean dance-floor decimator returns graciously to our shores with a re-release of the much overlooked lo-fi hardstyle chip house genre definer, Azul Petróleo.

Featuring six tracks of non-stop brutal floor-levelling stompers fuelled by the injustice felt within his own country, Analog reached a new level of indispensable uniqueness upon this release, and we’re both hoping a fresh spotlight on this fantastic piece of work will reveal just how ahead of its time it was. So nearly a full year after its original release (or over a year if you’re reading this past the eleventh of July) and with brand new artwork by Spanish sweetheart Love Through Cannibalism, Pxl-Bot are incredibly proud to present to you, Azul Petróleo.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

PB074 | Auxcide - Of Atoms And Stardust

After making a very impressive first appearance here on Pxl-Bot with his track 'Impact' on our recent 'One Year Later' compilation'. Auxcide returns, this time brandishing his simply amazing debut album 'Of Atoms And Stardust'.

Using two Gameboy SPs, Auxcide manages to craft images of immense and epic landscapes. Each track telling a story. Ensnaring you with their beautifully written melodies then carrying you further into the music with their brilliantly programmed drums and dance move inducing bass lines. Each and every track reeks of individual character while still maintaining a consistency and fluidity throughout where one song flows perfectly into another, to better show off this effect Auxicde has included a 'set' in which the whole album has been mixed together to form one continuous epic tale. Delaying listening to this album any longer could have severe health risks, so what are you waiting for?

Monday, 11 June 2012

PB073 | V/A - One Year Later

It has been a great year, full of amazing music and awesome people. None of this would of happened if not for the support of our fans and of course the incredibly talented artists that we have worked with. Many thanks go out to all of you! We've come a long way since starting up, however we still have a lot of growing up to do (a 1 year old is still a baby). But with the continued support of everyone we know that will be possible.

This compilation also marks the return of involvement by Pxl-Bot co-founder Andrew Kilpatrick and an exciting new era in the label's life.

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Monday, 21 May 2012

PB072 | Mega Flare - Round Three

Back again, and ready to fight another round Mega Flare packs a punch with his latest album.

This album is packed full of more of the wonderfully well written, fast paced, driving and fist pumpingly awesome music that we are accustomed to hearing from Mega Flare. Brilliantly written melodies sing their way across each track, every one clutching a fist full of emotion as well as sounds damn awesome at the same time. These melodies are accompanied by solid bass lines and punchy, dance move inducing drums. Round three continues on from the previous two rounds with the same energy and sheer quality as when the starting bell went off. The towel definitely hasn't been thrown in, so what are you waiting for get it now!

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

PB071 | Whitely - MMXII Δ

Whitely is back and this time with a magnificent three tracked EP, packed full of emotion, definitely not one to miss

Kicking things off with the title track 'MMXII Δ' packs a punch right from the beginning. The first thing you hear is an almost spooky intro which soon breaks down into a punchy driving beat, overlain with a glitchy bass and topped off with a sweet melody. The second and third tracks keep up the same great standard as the first, packed full of emotion and feeling. 'They Were Right' shows this off especially well towards the end of the track vocals are introduced, even without lyrics the feelings that the track is trying to convey are put across excellently. With influences from different electronic genres and great attention to details this is another brilliant release from Whitely.

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Thursday, 12 April 2012

PB070 | 505 - hYMns

Making his debut appearance on Pxl-Bot, 505 certainly knows how to make an entrance.

hYMns is a collection of tracks created over a period of eleven years on the Atari ST/STE. Every bleep and every bloop radiates waves of nostalgia, casting you back to an older, simpler time and sure to put a tear in the eye of every old school gamer. Each track holds its own perfectly, creating differing atmospheres and feelings within their superbly written melodies and catchy beats, while the album stays coherent and flows throughout. You will be sorely missing out if you do not grab this album now!

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Friday, 16 March 2012

PB069 | AlexOgre - Distant Dreams

Returning again with another awesome album, we are very proud to be presenting to you AlexOgre's Distant Dreams.

Mixing and matching different electronic genres to make a smoothie of awesomeness, this album is definitely a good one! Tracks are packed full of character and each one competes against the previous and next to be the best. While some are more dancey and energetic, other are slightly more ambient, while still making you want to stand up and move to the beat. All in all this album is wonderfully well crafted, and is certainly a must have for the collection, so...

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Friday, 2 March 2012

PB068 | The Hamlet - Self Titled

A second release for this week and we are very proud to announce that The Hamlet is back. This time with a full length album which not only holds up the same quality of his last EP but also somehow manages to be even better!

This album packs greatness into it right from the start, every track is saturated its own individual character, wonderfully portraying different scenes in your mind. Mixing 8-bit sounds with a 'ye olde times' feel is an awesome combination which adds to the brilliance of this album. With its beautifully written melodies and ambient drones, The hamlet has managed to craft something amazing, which truly is a work of art. So what are you waiting for get it now!

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

PB067 | Kommisar - Atlantic Express

Back again with a brand new album, we are very proud to be presenting to you the one and only Kommisar.

Atlantic Express is a wonderfully crafted, almost magical album as these 8 brilliant tracks leave you with a warm tingly feeling on the inside. Featuring sweetly crafted leads often doing battle against the pounding drums and sometimes grimy sounding basses gives a great feeling to each track. Every sound has been placed carefully to ensure each track has its own distinct personality and feeling. All in all this album is extremely good, it flows incredibly well while each track has its own sounds and ambiences. Definitely deserves multiple listens!

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Monday, 20 February 2012

PB066 | Jakim - Jamming For Nothing

Making his debut appearance here at Pxl-Bot, we are very proud to bring you the spectacular Jakim!

Funky is an understatement and right from the get go this 9 track album hits you with its expertly crafted leads, tight drums and groovy basses, as well as a few tracks of differing styles thrown in for good measure. Jakim manages to craft tracks which bring up memories of days spent in the past, sat on a sofa in front of a CRT screen playing old video games, the welcoming familiarity embraces you while the tracks all have their own distinct personalities each standing strong on its own as well as knitting together to form this amazing album. Definitely shouldn't be missed!

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

PB065 | Spaceman Fantastiques - The World According To Mr Meleon

He's back again, returning from his journey into deep space, bringing with him a masterpiece forged in the heart of a super nova, Spaceman Fantastiques' latest album is nothing short but out of this world.

Right from the start this album crafts a wide variety of moods and atmospheres each different from one another but equally as captivating. The tracks manage to capture the large openness of space with their ambient sounds and ethereal synths while the superb melodies and drums still hold the track together tightly. This unique style has been perfected down to a tee and to make it even better it comes in a big serving.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

PB064 | Crit Hit - A Few Singles Incense

This is the second time Crit Hit has featured here on this site, you may remember him featuring in the competition compilation album in october, but this time he's here with a full length album and it is exceptionally good!

Kicking it all off with a minimal sounding first track it soon builds up momentum. 'More than a conquest' sets a fast pace with its driving drum rhythms and splendid sounding basses, before dropping into the more atmospheric, bassy and even slightly spooky 'Thulcandra to Malacandra'. The fast pace is soon met again by 'Prophesy to These Dead Bones' preparing you nicely for the second half of this amazing album.