Monday 14 November 2011

PB058 | AlexOgre - Surfing Mind

AlexOgre's debut album here on Pxl-Bot is nothing short but brilliant and we are very pleased to be releasing it.

Starting off with Foam, a track which manages to conjure up memories and thoughts of sunny days walking along sandy beaches, the waves lapping at your toes and gulls flying overhead. It introduces you to the rest of the album almost gently before the floor filling, fist pumping, dance hits you and there is nothing you can do to help yourself from moving along with the beat. Finally as if yo give you a rest from dancing, the final track farewell is more chilled, it eases you out while still upholding a awesomely high level of quality. This is definitely worth a listen!

Grab The ZIP Now!


1. Foam
2. Bhavana
3. Live Up
4. Scary Past (With Intro)
5. Slow Walking..
6. Glowing In The Dark
7. Farewell