Monday 3 October 2011

PB046 | Roboctopus - The Landscape Has Been Erased

This fantastic release by Roboctopus has been brought to you by the newest member of the Pxl-Bot team, Frostbyte. So we will leave it to him to tell you all about this simply astonishing release, here is what he had to say:

Soft and gentle... intriguing and building, Swelling, massive and thick. These were all the words and phrases that came to my mind as my latest unreleased Roboctopus CD stared to spin in my stereo. Then the kick dropped in, and everything seemed to fall into place in what would become a wonderfully executed album. The snare came after, reassuring me about my previous assumptions. It was as if Roboctopus were right here with me, patting himself ont he back, looking at his music flow past, proud as ever.

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Then it all faded away in a brilliantly composed outro.

But what didn't fade away was the smile that the opener left on my face. No, as the bars went on, and the melodies became faster and more complex, my happiness increased exponentially, alongside my expectations. Each section of the tracks that flew in my ears and around my mind raised the bar another mile. Each time, that bar would get smashed and another one would take place, shooting up even higher. Surely, Roboctopus couldn't break the bar set by the first four tracks!

The last track on the album came around, blowing my mind out of my head, through my room's wall, around the world, (presumable through a few more building structures), and back into my forehead. Overnight to many distance moons is one of the most geniusly executed 8 bit tracks in the history of time. Just ask a velociraptor. They were all down with it back in the day.

I breathed one long sigh after the CD stopped spinning, with one thought in my mind.


Then i looked at the folder i was sent. He included LSDJsngs for all to enjoy.

Go ahead and listen!


1. The Belt Of Venus
2. Virga
3. Falling Down The Stairs, Relaxing At The Bottom
4. Asleep On The Landing
5. Overnight To Many Distant Moons