Monday 18 July 2011

PB023 | Battle Lava - Screen Hallucinations

Pxl-Bot are incredibly excited to be bringing you a release from the burningly good Candaian artist, Battle Lava.

A whole lot darker than his recent work, Battle Lava crafts a dirty sounding dance frenzy in the form of “Screen Hallucinations”, drawing influences from a selection of familiar sounds and giving them new grimy premise. Whilst a departure on the whole from his usual sound, the skill at which he tackles the dirt shows nothing but a higher skill at manipulating his compositions into new ideas and a growing range of styles.

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Sounding like an underground post-apocalyptic rave and invoking as much despair as required, this short but incredibly strong release has clearly been put together with a huge amount of attention paid to the details. Quite possibly the dirtiest release we’ve had over our way, we hope, and are pretty damn sure looking at his track record, that you’ll enjoy another fantastic release from the large and varied discography of Battle Lava.


1. Screen Hallucinations
2. Pirate Broadcast
3. Flicker Tech
4. Discarnate Future