Tuesday, 29 November 2011

PB060 | Whitely - YOU & I

Another Pxl-Bot debut, this time from the extremely talented Whitely. Crafted in the fires of Mount Doom this EP draws upon different genres of electronic music to show and tell its story.

Starting with the beautifully melodic 'At first i was lonely, but then..' it draws you into this story that is being told and holds you tight. Each track is full of emotion, the songs seem to reach inside you, communicating at a personal level. Half way through you reach "I started to care to much, but it was still..' drawn in my at atmospheric start, building up, you know somethings coming, then it drops, and suddenly something you thought couldn't get better, got better. Finally 'The end.' rounds it all off beautifully brining all the emotions of the story to its climax and leaving the listener thoroughly satisfied with the tale that has just unfolded before their eyes.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

PB059 | Deepearth.void - Become The Void

Making his Pxl-Bot debut and showcasing his first full release for some time, the fantastical ‘Deepearth.void’ brings you 10 tunes of funk and complex dance to put a smile on your face.
After the drone-infused short intro, the track ‘Coconut’ sets up the listener for what is to come in the rest of the release. Sharp and concise structure which swaps and switches between styles and atmospheres, complex melodies, countermelodies and basslines that warp around each other to form a think consistency, and a fuck ton of funk and dance. Some of the melodies are truly awe-inspiring, and from the off you’ll be addicted like this shit’s smack.

Monday, 14 November 2011

PB058 | AlexOgre - Surfing Mind

AlexOgre's debut album here on Pxl-Bot is nothing short but brilliant and we are very pleased to be releasing it.

Starting off with Foam, a track which manages to conjure up memories and thoughts of sunny days walking along sandy beaches, the waves lapping at your toes and gulls flying overhead. It introduces you to the rest of the album almost gently before the floor filling, fist pumping, dance hits you and there is nothing you can do to help yourself from moving along with the beat. Finally as if yo give you a rest from dancing, the final track farewell is more chilled, it eases you out while still upholding a awesomely high level of quality. This is definitely worth a listen!

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

PB057 | AndaruGO & HunterQuinn - Echo Layer

And now they join forces.

Entering the fray with a fist-pumping throat-ripping and eye-popping duet as an intro track, the dual forced fist of both AndaruGO and HunterQuinn is truly great. Traversing the softer tones of Hunter and mixing them with the harsher barks of AndaruGO before converging their love for sweat-inducing beats, the two duet tracks showcase a higher understanding of dynamics and the harmonious attention to each other’s’ details inspires awe.
Saying that, the four tracks, two by just AndaruGO and another two by just HunterQuinn, are nothing to turn your nose up at. 

PB056 | HunterQuinn - Bourbon Back Attack

The second artist to grace Pxl-Bot from Cincinnati this week, HunterQuinn breaks his debut through your earscape.

Pumping. HunterQuinn’s debut ‘Bourbon Back Attack’ can be defined almost entirely by this word. Never sitting still for a second, HQ spins and twists his beats and melodies which are melded perfectly for the dancefloor, with that typical Cincinnati chic gloss of experimentation (see ‘J33Z FACTOR3’ intro for more details). From the fist-flinging intro to the ass-shaking cascade of ‘Fucking Dance’ and through the slower tension-rife guttural whippings of ‘Buttaface Bergade’, HunterQuinn has managed to craft one of the most danceable and pure addictive releases to date at Pxl-Bot, with a huge amount of professionalism to boot.

Monday, 7 November 2011

PB055 | AndaruGO - Megadoomer

Taking the place of the third artist from the expanding Cincinnati scene to be featured on Pxl-Bot, AndaruGO delves into the world of trance and dirt for his debut release, ‘Megadoomer’.

Starting the with title track, a dirty and gritty convulsion, AndaruGo then goes on to start as he’ll continue throughout the rest of the release on ‘Hokutou’, fist-pumping grime-inducing trance-esque chip sonnets. Featuring as many truly jaw-dropping moments as you can possibly fit into six tracks, from the pure trance breakdown into the schizophrenic melodies on the climax of ‘Shark War’ to the slow downed swagger moments of ‘Zawarudo’, this release showcases the exact reasons why the developing chiptune scene in Cincinnati is such an exciting one; it creates dance-floorable tunes with a mission statement of “defy the conventions”.

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Friday, 4 November 2011

PB054 | Fauxhound - He Lives Forever

New Zealand’s answer to 10k, Fauxhound, delivers his stunningly bleak spit of a sophomore effort on Pxl-Bot in the form of ‘He Lives Forever’.

Opening with the sickly depressing tone to which the rest of the release would follow, Fauxhound’s masterful blending of spoken rhythm and meaningful words intertwined with glitchy and rolling drums and melodies creates an incredibly dark and gritty listen. Song ‘love + secrets’ lends a groove to parts of the vocal work before towering up into a cascade of chip sounds, whilst ‘door to door’ pulls its own teeth out before Fauxhound’s incredibly punk-esque dragging voice adds to the insanity. ‘diesleep’ carries a creepy and sleepy tone until Fauxhound begins to spit his depressed pessimisms, before the final track barks widely with a slightly more optimistic but no less creepy feel.

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