Tuesday 29 November 2011

PB060 | Whitely - YOU & I

Another Pxl-Bot debut, this time from the extremely talented Whitely. Crafted in the fires of Mount Doom this EP draws upon different genres of electronic music to show and tell its story.

Starting with the beautifully melodic 'At first i was lonely, but then..' it draws you into this story that is being told and holds you tight. Each track is full of emotion, the songs seem to reach inside you, communicating at a personal level. Half way through you reach "I started to care to much, but it was still..' drawn in my at atmospheric start, building up, you know somethings coming, then it drops, and suddenly something you thought couldn't get better, got better. Finally 'The end.' rounds it all off beautifully brining all the emotions of the story to its climax and leaving the listener thoroughly satisfied with the tale that has just unfolded before their eyes.

Get It Here!

The EP does cost a small amount, however you get a lot for your money. Not only do you get the full EP but you also get 3 bonus songs, alternate artwork and LSDJ tips! Definitely worth it! However if you do not have the money to spare, each track is available as pay what you want individually.


1. At first i was lonely, but then..
2. I found you, but..
3. I started to care to much, but it was still..
4. You & I forever, until finally it was
5. The end.