Monday, 30 May 2011

PB008 | Andrew Kilpatrick - One Day Later...

With all its bleeps, buzzes and bloops in perfect order, the third installment from Pxl-Bot's very own Andrew Kilpatrick is nothing short but jaw droppingly brilliant.

Bringing incredibly catchy melodies, foot stomping good beats and and an overall finish which leaves you breathless and on your knees in front of it, this EP is yet another masterful release from Andrew. Inspired by a forum post at this EP was written and composed in just one day. One Day Later... draws you in with its almost story like tracks and once ensnared you never want to leave your prison cell of melodies again. Also featuring a brilliantly done cover of Wintersun's 'Beyond The Dark Sun', cover art by the very talented Holy Konni and three bonus tracks all thrown in for good measure, this EP is definitely a must have for chip fanatics.

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Friday, 27 May 2011

PB007 | Artisan - K.THX.BYE!

One of the two owners of this here establishment, Alex kelly, or Artisan as his internet persona requires, brings another disgustingly good release to the Pxl-Bot roster in the form of "K.THX.BYE!".

Dirty to the rotten core, this EP boasts grime-fuelled industrially rife chiptunes, full of twists, turns, layers and dank, dreary atmosphere. From the opening 30 second noise pollution, the grime rarely lets up, only removing its suffocating coverage briefly during "With All My Heart" before full recovering it's fangs for the EP Closer. This debut leaves nothing to the imagination; Artisan could very well be the king of Industrial Chip, with all the twists and horror of a manic depressive locked firmly in his use of drum samples.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

PB006 | Dinotrax - Rearranging Patterns

Bridging the gap between post-hardcore and chiptune with angst and genuine musical technical capability, we here at Pxl-Bot are overly proud to bring you Dinotrax’s newest raw set of blistering tracks in the form of “Rearranging Patterns".

With their fourth and most focused release to date, the American six-piece hailing from Pittsburgh, Dinotrax, reach new heights with an unimaginable perfection of their destructive blend of the beautiful and brutal. Not tethering themselves to the usual restraints of straight post-hardcore, influences are drawn from across the board into an accumulation sometimes hard to comprehend, before finally dousing the result product in chip and chip influenced melodies and structure. Almost every track on this EP could be the next post-hardcore anthem, and coupled with its constant leniency towards chip and video game influenced tendencies, this is one ‘Nintendocore’ album the chip community can REALLY be proud of. No cybergrind or overly distorted ‘death metal’ vocals usually found in nintendocore, just straight up chip inspired brilliance.

Monday, 23 May 2011

PB005 | Kommisar - Reimu Plays LSDJ

Pxl-Bot proudly bring you one of our favourite releases ever through the versatile and hugely talented Kommisar

As if taken straight from an epic poem, this release is the melodically brawn soundtrack to a vast and incomprehensible space and future. Tight compositions strung together with beautiful and memorable melodies, providing a perfect set of futuristic anthems straight from the final frontier. Never before has an LSDJ cartridge been taken to such vast heights in musical complexity, with the writhing rhythms and burning arps, Kommisar takes you on an unforgettable ride through metal and pop influenced opus’ guaranteed to burn through your mind like a cosmic heat ray of chip. A must-have for your chiptune collection. 

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

PB004 | 2xAA - Resolution

Pxl-Bot are proud to present to you, from Plymouth UK, 2xAA’s Resolution.

With a glaringly powerful focus on melody, 2xAA brings you his third offering to the world in the form of brilliantly cohesive and downright beautiful “Resolution”. Gently probing your inner child, 2xAA uses melodic incentive to draw out a euphoric feel sure to leave a smile plastered across your face. If you were ever unsure summer was near, look no further for confirmation of its existence than here. Memorable, ingeniously written and with astonishing attention to detail, “Resolution” is sure to be on your speakers/ipod/something-else-that-plays-music throughout the summer and back through the rest of the seasons. And to top it all off Resolution provides a feast for your eyeballs with artwork by the one and only, amazing Holy Konni!

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Monday, 16 May 2011

PB003 | Ville Wannabe - Future EP

Doused in samples, house influence and a hearty amount of technical capability with the passion to match, Pxl-Bot brings you another Grade A piece of work, this time from Finland.

Ville Wannabe creates memorable tunes covered with perfectly manipulated samples doing more than just giving the audience something to relate to, but more so pushing the use of sampling to its limts of atmosphere and mood regulation. The music itself is buried somewhere between chip house, post-rock spats and an indescribable experimentation style, sure to rocket Ville Wannabe forwards due to its remarkably unique nature. With this perfectly crafted release, in which every song has expertly been chosen and placed with attention paid to the most minute of details, Ville has cemented his first stepping stone on his way to the hall of fame, and we are very, very proud to be the ones showing you it.

This is the future, Grab The Zip Here!

Friday, 13 May 2011

PB002 | Frostbyte - Brace Yourself

Straddling the edge between confidently happy and destructively broken, this outstanding piece of work leaves a lasting impression to say the least.

Pxl-Bot proudly gives to you the first in the sure to be fruitful pieces of work from this passionate and versatile chip artist. Producing winter-y summer anthems with cascading melodies and broken drums, Frostbyte masterfully takes you on a ride into the real frontiers of atmosphere, blending seamlessly beautiful textures with mournful passages with the ever present ever restless drums providing a perfect balance of beautiful brutality. Effortless in delivery and stark in contrast, this Ep lodges itself firmly in your head, digging in deep for the winter it’s bringing. Nothing short of pure brilliance.

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Thursday, 12 May 2011

PB001 | Trey Frey - Critical EP

Pxl-Bot proudly brings you our debut release from West Virginia, the floor-filling, adrenaline-burning TreyFrey.

Back with a new EP before he hits the world with his second album, this choice cut offering, showcases everything good about one of the upcoming Gods Of Chip. Feverishly memorable melodic hooks, unrivaled structural cohesion and a bitter sweet kick sure to leave the taste buds in your ears gasping and leaving us nothing but honoured to bring you Critical EP. Having recently left the collective blitzed, nothing but brilliant things can be expected of this new and fresh chip artist.

We both know that there is an easy pun about being left critical. Let's just not. Instead check out TreyFrey's personal site for more great music