Wednesday 14 September 2011

PB041 | Andrew Kilpatrick - Two Days After...

Andrew: The spiritual predecessor to my previous release "One Day Later...", so expect more tacky melodic based brief encounters straight from the Famitracker. Written as a side project to keep my brain ticking over whilst writing my 'real', rather large and meticulous project. However, the song here were still written and eclectically selected with a great amount of care, just take them with you tongue firmly within your cheek!!

Enjoy xox

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1. Fresh
2. Bubbles
3. Destruction
4. Long Shot, Hot Shot, Fuck Up,
5. Spite
6. Cascade
7. Blood Fiend

On a side note, expect more from the Pxl-Bot Blog this week, and a torrent of Grade A releases following up to the end of the Singles Competition!!!