Monday 9 July 2012

PB075 | Analog - Azul Petróleo

Pxl-Bot’s favourite Chilean dance-floor decimator returns graciously to our shores with a re-release of the much overlooked lo-fi hardstyle chip house genre definer, Azul Petróleo.

Featuring six tracks of non-stop brutal floor-levelling stompers fuelled by the injustice felt within his own country, Analog reached a new level of indispensable uniqueness upon this release, and we’re both hoping a fresh spotlight on this fantastic piece of work will reveal just how ahead of its time it was. So nearly a full year after its original release (or over a year if you’re reading this past the eleventh of July) and with brand new artwork by Spanish sweetheart Love Through Cannibalism, Pxl-Bot are incredibly proud to present to you, Azul Petróleo.

More artwork by Love Through Cannibalism can be found here.


1. Azufre
2. Gobierno Terrori$ta
3. Srta. Siniestra
4. Dignatario$
5. El Levante
6. Derritiendo Plá$tico