Thursday 27 September 2012

PB077 | Whitely & Love Through Cannibalism - Wonderful Island

Keeping summer alive as the seasons move towards winter, we are very proud to present to you a simply incredible split from Whitely and Love Through Cannibalism, Wonderful Island!

Creating a wonderfully upbeat sound, this album manages to conjure images of beautiful tropical beaches and luxuriously blue oceans with every beat and note. Each artist has their unique styles, but the entire album stays cohesive. Whitely starts off the album with his unique blend of sunny, dancey and downright cool tracks! Having featured here on Pxl-Bot before, Whitely this time ventures away from the straight chip sounds that we have heard before, but still draws heavily from the familiar sounds and styles that we have listened to and loved. Love Through Cannibalism then follows up behind, with his glorious seapunk, chipbreak goodness! Each track packed full of energy, sea spray and golden sand. Guaranteed to make even the most docile of fish grow feet and move them to the beat, grab this album now!

Grab The ZIP Here!


1. Whitely - Discovering Atlantis
2. Whitely - Lost In Your Eyes
3. Whitely - Pearl
4. Whitely - Show Me How To Fly
5. Love Through Cannibalism - A Summer Ghost
6. Love Through Cannibalism - Colorful Dreams
7. Love Through Cannibalism - Banana Night
8. Love Through Cannibalism - Kanto Drift