Tuesday 28 February 2012

PB067 | Kommisar - Atlantic Express

Back again with a brand new album, we are very proud to be presenting to you the one and only Kommisar.

Atlantic Express is a wonderfully crafted, almost magical album as these 8 brilliant tracks leave you with a warm tingly feeling on the inside. Featuring sweetly crafted leads often doing battle against the pounding drums and sometimes grimy sounding basses gives a great feeling to each track. Every sound has been placed carefully to ensure each track has its own distinct personality and feeling. All in all this album is extremely good, it flows incredibly well while each track has its own sounds and ambiences. Definitely deserves multiple listens!

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1. Magda
2. Funk Blast
3. Chips Ahoy
4. Atlantic Express
5. Pop ('Nsync Cover)
6. Coppermoon
7.Lufia 2 Boss Battle RX
8. ボストンクリーム