Wednesday 18 January 2012

PB064 | Crit Hit - A Few Singles Incense

This is the second time Crit Hit has featured here on this site, you may remember him featuring in the competition compilation album in october, but this time he's here with a full length album and it is exceptionally good!

Kicking it all off with a minimal sounding first track it soon builds up momentum. 'More than a conquest' sets a fast pace with its driving drum rhythms and splendid sounding basses, before dropping into the more atmospheric, bassy and even slightly spooky 'Thulcandra to Malacandra'. The fast pace is soon met again by 'Prophesy to These Dead Bones' preparing you nicely for the second half of this amazing album.

Grab It Here!

If you thought the first part was good then wait until you hear these next 5 tracks, 'Atop Mount Horeb' kicks off the second half with its driving bass and pounding drums, while its melody unfolds on top of the chaos. Next is 'Every Knee and Every Tongue' a song you cant help but move to, it catches you from the get go then draws you in and sticks you firmly in place with its chaotic drums, driving bass and high pitched melody. This is followed by 'Fighting Jezebel' which features a very good break which relieves you from the action for a while before you join it again later in the song. Then 'There is Room for Lamentation' rounds off the fast paced and action packed tracks. The final piece of this work of art is 'The Fountain of His Beauty' which with its laid back drums, and general atmosphere is a perfect ending to this album. What are you waiting for? Get it now!


1) It's Funky With My Soul
2) More Than A Conquest
3) Thulcandra to Malacandra
4) Prophesy to These Dead Bones
5) Atop Mount Horeb
6) Every Knee and Every Tongue
7) Fighting Jezabel
8) There is Room for Lamentation
9) The Fountain of His Beauty