Friday 16 March 2012

PB069 | AlexOgre - Distant Dreams

Returning again with another awesome album, we are very proud to be presenting to you AlexOgre's Distant Dreams.

Mixing and matching different electronic genres to make a smoothie of awesomeness, this album is definitely a good one! Tracks are packed full of character and each one competes against the previous and next to be the best. While some are more dancey and energetic, other are slightly more ambient, while still making you want to stand up and move to the beat. All in all this album is wonderfully well crafted, and is certainly a must have for the collection, so...

Grab The ZIP Here!


1. Mette's Way
2. Along The Milky...
3. Distant Dream
4. Empty Words
5. Sorrow
6. Unanswered Letter
7. Looking At You..
8. Der Brennende Stern
9. Tenderness
10. Plush Your Mind
11. Plush Your Mind (Balloonbear LSDJ remix)